pachai maamalai pol mene

Friday, April 17, 2015

the dhyanaslokam of our Lakshminarayanaswamy

the dhyanaslokam of  our Lakshminarayanaswamy 

क्षीरांभोनिधिरत्नमण्डपमहा सौवर्णसिंहासने
वामाङ्गस्थितया प्रसन्नवदनं श्रीकान्तयालिङ्गितम्।
दोर्द्दण्डाङ्गित शङ्खपङ्कजगदाचक्रं त्रिलोकेश्वरम्
संसारार्ण्णवतारकं प्रकलये लक्ष्मीश नारायणम्॥

ക്ഷീരാംഭോനിധി രത്നമപണ്ഡപമഹാ സൌവര്ണ്ണ സിംഹാസനെ
വാമാന്ഗസ്ഥിതയാ പ്രസന്നവദനം ശ്രീകാന്തയാലിംഗിതം
ദോര്ദ്ദണ്ഡാന്ഗിത ശങ്ഖപങ്കജഗദാചക്രം ത്രിലോകേശ്വരം
സംസാരാര്ണ്ണവ താരകം പ്രകലയെ ല്ക്ഷ്മീശ നാരായണം

kṣīrāṁbhonidhiratnamaṇḍapamahā sauvarṇasiṁhāsane
vāmāṅgasthitayā prasannavadanaṁ śrīkāntayāliṅgitam|
dorddaṇḍāṅgita śaṅkhapaṅkajagadācakraṁ trilokeśvaram
saṁsārārṇṇavatārakaṁ prakalaye lakṣmīśa nārāyaṇam||

I meditate upon Narayana who is the Lord and consort of Mother Laksmi,
He, who is seated on a golden throne placed in a decorated hall shining forth in the middle of the ocean of milk
He, who has a calm and attractive face
He, who is under the passionate embrace of the Goddess of Wealth who is seated on his left thigh,
He, who holds a conch, a lotus flower, a mace and discus on the two pairs of left and right hands
He, who is capable of enabling us, His devotees to keep afloat and cross the ocean of our own worldly woes

Friday, April 10, 2015

Brahmin power

Brahmin power is Brahmatejas, Brahmavarchas, and the stress is always on developing the mind.. and our ancestors had developed great powers and no weapons or spells could attack and vanquish such persons or try to take away their possessions without consent. This exactly happened to Visvamitra in his encounter with Vasishta where the former tried to take away holy cow nandini.. The avant gadre, after learning things through translations and secondary interpretations tend to find a via-media or hotchpotch of the apparently unsure brahma power and the immediately palpable kshatra or the brute physical power..A person can be a scholar in Vedas, he can be a Gandhian scholar and again he can study Marxism, Greek, Roman, Christian Islamic and all sorts of philosophies.. But creation of hybrids may be catchy, but can be really dangerous.. One who travels in the desert rides a camel and one who travels in the Pole rides a dog- ridden sledge.. If the vehicles do not match the terrain, or the camel is taken to the pole to draw the sledge and the dogs there in turn are taken to desert to negotiate the ocean of sand, the results can be disastrous.. First one should anchor his boat secure and stay in it, and then can contemplate analytically about other boats.. The moment he tries to set one foot each on two boats, the results can be known.. This is the tragedy visiting our community in general.. Let us develop strength of mind, hone our powers of will, let us be really oriented, and good results will follow naturally.. Paradigms and platitudes may not be of much help to one unless advertisement or public speaking is his career or job..