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Sunday, October 27, 2013

This is for you, this is for you

This is for you, this is for you

They were a middle-aged couple, reasonably fond of each other.. The man was hard-working and caring.  But even in the early years of his life, he has been bitten by the bug of spirituality..
From dawn to dusk, apart from the time he spent to earn his daily bread, it was prayers at home, visits to temples and song and dance in praise of the lord.  Of course all these activities, so long as they did not cost much money was tolerable to the lady of the house.   But the man would  not stop there.  He considered all the babas and bhaktas whom he met in the streets as the embodiment of God himself, and it somehow got into head that his bounden duty in life was to bring all such people home for  free lunch..
Naturally the duty to prepare food for all these visitors fell to the lot of the lady.  And the number was increasing day by day.
The lady was not cruel and not at all blasphemous.  But she was a realist to the core.  She told herself
“ Songs and Bhajans are okey.  I can even bear this forced celibacy.   But this reckless  spending all we have in  feeding  for free so many persons,( who should have engaged themselves in some proper work and earned their food )is not a good idea at all.   Both of us would go paupers, if this continued,  and then  I am sure no one will be there to  invite us daily for free food”
“I should find a way out.  The husband is obsessed with  his own spiritual practices and nothing else would enter his head. So reasoning with him is ruled out.   Something really drastic should be planned to get out of this situation”… thought she..
Like every middle-class Indian housewife, she was very intelligent and possessed a lot of practical wisdom.   So she kept quiet, not exhibiting any resentment to the way of her husband, and the procession of  free-eaters to their house continued, and the number swelled day by day.  It is quite natural  because when a fellow finds a source for free meals, invariable he shares the information with his idle colleagues.
Usually  the man brought his revered guest along with him on his way back from visits to local temples.  It so happened that it was a special day of festivities in the temple and the man was held up there with manthrams and bhajans even beyond the mid-day.
During that morning,  the bhakta had met a person in the street  and had stuck a deal that the latter would visit his house for food in the afternoon.   Accordingly, the man presented himself at the house of the bhakta,  eagerly looking forward for a sumptuous meal.
The lady of the house duly received the guest with great reverence, as she was well-aware that  a guest was equal to or more that God himself by our standards.
The meals could start only after the man of the house arrived.   So the lady started a small conversation with the guest to fill the time.
“  Sir,  I am sure my husband sent you here promising a full meal.. but what am to say, and how will I say that to you,?  I feel really sorry for you.  I believe you have been taken in by his pious appearance with  a tuft,  religious marks all over his body and his chants and songs.  But as his wife, only I know his real nature.  I am sorry to inform you that even though he would look very normal and pious he has a little madness hidden in his brain.  You see the  wooden pillar here.  You also see the  thick rope for tying cattle and the  long ulakkai (pestle) kept at the far corner.  “
The guest looked around, and saw all the things listed by her.
“Now listen to me sir, my husband brings guests to this house luring them with promise of free meals. But  one the guest is  here, true to his madness, he forcibly ties  the  poor hungry man to the pillar with that rope and then gives him a heavy blow with the ulakkai ( long wooden pestle made of some hard wood).   In fact my heart bleeds daily seeing some poor man running away for his life, with a deep wound on his head..”
As the conversation progressed, a dark fear took possession of the guest and  he had started his flight away from the home even before the lady had  finished her words.
The man of the house made his entry  just as the guest was making his exist by way of sprint.  After the function in the temple, there was a feast and so he could not get any more guests whom he could invite  to his house for food.
On arrival, he asked his wife, “ Did anyone come for food today?”
The wife replied.  “  Yes, one man came here and we were waiting for you to arrive.  He looked very normal.  But he was looking around the house and saw that rope and ulakkai (club-like pestle), and I do not know why, he was repeatedly asking me that he wanted these two as a gift.   As you know, we have only one ulakkai around here and I could not prepare our daily food without it as I have to pound grains every day.  I told him that we could spare the rope but not the pestle.  But he was insistent that he should have both.   When I politely refused to spare the ulakkai, he was very angry and has walked out in a huff.  I think  you would have met him going out as you entered.”
The man was very upset.  “ You wretched woman.. Our guest is our God.. What is there is sparing an ulakkai for him.  We will incur the wrath of god for having sent away a hungry guest. “  Saying this, he held up the ulakkai in his right hand and the rope in the left and ran after the guest, who was already sprinting away on the street. He was shouting at the top of his voice..”This is for you, this is for you”
The guest looked back, and saw the man and  also heard the shouts.   He was convinced that the man was chasing him and if he were caught he would become the victim of the daily ritual of the mad host.
The word spread, and from then there were no guests for free meals .. and the lady had found a solution for a serious domestic problem.
(a tale from Kerala)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Uppittu and poornam

Uppittu and poornam
I am reminded of an old story of colonial times.. A mama (middle-aged man) was in the service of a British boss.. On the eve of Sradhdham for his father, he requested for a days leave. The boss was not pleased. The mama was at his persuasive best, and on the condition that he would produce the evidence for having performed the sradhdham ( whatever it was), the leave was granted. The next day, the mama, true to his promise, came to office and carried with him the evidence for Sradhdham in the shape of a packet containing a couple of UPPITTUS. full with poornam. Mama explained that the eatable he had brought was uppittu and it contained a sweet delicacy by name poornam. The englishman removed the wheatish covers of the uppittu and ate all the poornam. He was very much pleased. So he told his employee, the mama, " I am going to grant you two more days leave.. Take these two hundred rupees as advance. You do Sraadhdham for me, my wife, and my two sons and a daughter, and bring all the Uppittu containing lots of poornam two days later....

for your information...Sraadhdham is the annual memorial religious rite perfromed by a son in memory of his departed father or mother

Uppittu.. This is a food item, essential for Sraddham of tamil brahmins..
This is made by preparing two thin round chappathi like wheat pieces, keeping between  a delicious mixture made of ground coconut mixed with melted jaggery , and the  sweet material is called poornam. The two pieces of wheat cover the poornam and the sweet is fried is ghee or oil..

 It is a superb gastronomic pleasure indeed to taste well made uppittu with a lot of poornam. We cannot blame the Englishman ..

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A single day for lies….

A single day for lies…. 

It was the season for slave trade in an Arabian city.. The marketplace was crowded with people exhibiting their black slaves for sale and also people eager to purchase them.. Just like a cattle market.

A trader was waxing eloquent about the capabilities of his merchandise.

  “ This kafir is just eighteen years, with a healthy body and very healthy teeth.  See his muscles like iron.  He can do all errands. He can carry luggage, chop wood, cook and do everything you want.  He eats very little  and sleeps still less. I reckon his price in the open market is as high as 2000 dirhams.  But I would gladly offer him to anyone for 1000 dirhams.”

  “Why the special offer”  Came the queries

“I want to confess that the fellow has a slight defect.  He will tell lies on one day in a year.”  Confessed the dealer.

“ What is so big about it?  Most of us  gentlemen  tell  lies, small or big..  More so, the menial slaves.”  Was the  general opinion of the onlookers.

A wealthy Arab businessman purchased the slave and led him to his house.  The deal  was very successful  for the businessman far beyond his expectations, so  it would appear   The slave was very genial, obedient  and  always an eager worker.  He doted on his master, mistress and their two children.

Then the day of reckoning came.

 It was new year’s day .  The businessman was throwing a party to all.  The new slave was in the vanguard  in making all arrangement., cooking food, sweetmeats, preparing sherbets,  conducting the guests to their seats  and running through a hundred other  errands.

The party was just starting the and family had not yet reached.. The master noticed that the provisions available might run out of stock  after some time and instructed the slave to go home and  fetch fresh supplies.

The slave set out atop a mule.

 En route,  the realization dawned upon the slave that it was his  day for telling lies.  He lost no time in executing his plans.  He tore off his garments and the scanty hair, started beating with both hands on his chest..crying loudly..” The wall  near the hall capsized and my master had been crushed to death.. My master is gone.. How am I to live now”.. To add greater effect he beat the mule hard and the animal also joined the chorus. 

 It was a pathetic sight for the mistress and the children.   

Learning about the death of the master of the house,  the lady and the children started crying. They tore off their clothes and started destroying the valuables available in the house.  The slave also heartily lent his hands in such destruction. 

 He further suggested that the mistress and the children should rush to the Khasi to report the death.  The slave said he would go back ahead of them  to the  hall where the master was lying  dead.

The slave rode back to the master continuing to wail and beating his breasts, and reported that the mistress and the children were killed when their carriage was destroyed after hitting another cart and they were  lying dead  on the  road on their way to the party..

The master was shocked, and started his own wailing.   He cancelled the party.  People who had gathered around started consoling him, but the businessman was  beyond any consolation.

Meanwhile the family had gone to the khazi, and  the khazi assembled as many  people as he could and  along with the family of the  businessman, all made a beeline to the 
spot where, according to the slave’ the wall has crushed his master. 

The procession, when it reached the spot of alleged tragedy, found the owner of the slave alive and kicking but  in a state of complete disarray, mourning over the loss of his family.  The slave was also sitting on a corner,  sadness writ large on his face and demeanour.

Seeing his family fully alive and healthy, the Arab was bewildered.

He  shouted at the slave, “You fool, what have you done?”  . 

And  he started beating the slave with a whip.

“No, master, you cannot punish me..  Have you forgotten what my earlier master had said about  my habit of telling lies on a single day every year.. This is that day.  And you must understand  that I was sold for half my real price for this reason alone.   I  may remind my master that it is only mid-day now and more time is left in the day.”

The Arab thought.  “ The wretched slave has created so much of damage within a few hours.. What would  happen if he stays  with me for the whole day?”

The very thought sent shivers along his spine, and he drove away the slave  without any second thoughts.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I would have nothing to do with a mother-beater..a funny story

I would have nothing to do with a mother-beater

Indeed the farmer was very fond of his donkey.. It was just as good as a member of his family. But he needed some cash, and so he decided to sell the four-legged friend in the market.. He tied the donkey with a strong but soft rope, and the knot at the neck was not too night for he did not want to hurt his friend..

The farmer held the other end of the rope and walked towards the market. On the way he chatted with many friends. The donkey was following his master with silent sense of duty..

At marketplace, a thief was watching..
” I want that donkey for myself” He thought.

He approached the farmer and his donkey from behind. The farmer was in animated discussion with his friends who had all assembled in the market. Quietly, the thief released the donkey from the knot at the farther end of the rope held by the farmer.. 
The donkey was led away stealthily and kept hidden..And the donkey was very wise and did not make any fuss. Wise people follow the dictum, “Silence is Golden”

The thief just tied the knotted end of the rope which formerly held the donkey loosely around his own neck and just stood on hands and legs behind the farmer..without making any noise.
The farmer never looked behind him. He has absolute faith in his own wisdom and that of his donkey. He was extolling the virtues of the donkey and trying to negotiate a sale..

Someone asked, “ What are to trying to sell? “ .

“ Of course, my lovely donkey is there for sale”, declared the farmer.

Then he looked back.. He saw a creature with a cap and goatee beard crouched at the other end of the rope .. in all silence and humility, the rope tied around its neck..

The farmer realized that it was a man, and he was puzzled.

He asked.”Who are you?, Where is my donkey?

The man replied in a soft voice.. “My beloved master, can’t you see me? I am your faithful donkey. In fact I was a cruel son to a very adorable mother.. I used to beat her every day..She put up with me for a long time.. But when she could not bear my thrashes any more, she cursed me and I became a donkey. I wandered around and finally joined your staff.”

“Then how come you are in human form now?’ Asked the farmer

The thief replied.” Master, your enlightened company, and the dedicated service under you was a great experience in expiation. A few minutes ago, while you were talking to your friends and I was standing at the other end of the rope, I was finally released of my curse, and I have regained my original form. I am at your service now.”

The farmer could understand it. But he did not have any use for a man.. A donkey could have been useful in his home and it would have had some value in the market also. But a fellow who has just come back from the life of a donkey was of no use. Moreover, the fellow said he used to beat his mother. The farmer was angry with him for that..

So the farmer parted company with the thief and returned home with a long rope and an empty pocket.

The clever thief sold the farmer’s donkey in the market, pocketed the cash and performed the vanishing trick.

The story of the farmer and his old friend the donkey is not yet finished.

A few weeks later, the farmer visited the market . He saw the donkey arrayed for sale.

The experience of the donkey in the post-sale saga was not at all happy. Quite unlike the foolish but affectionate farmer who was his former master, his present owner was very rude and found happiness in giving thorough beatings to the donkey at regular intervals.

The donkey, when it saw his former master, tried to attract his attention by braying and trying to run towards him . Tears were rolling down the eyes of the donkey.

The farmer noticed it.. He remarked. “ You wretched fellow, so you started beating up your mother again.. and got back into this form. ? I would have nothing to do with a mother-beater. I do not want to see you again..”

Friday, October 18, 2013

Who is more powerful, your Majesty?

Who is more powerful, your Majesty?

The Royal court of Krishnadevaraya was in full session..

As is usual in the world of timeservers, each courtier was exceeding his own best levels of sycophancy to heap praises on the supreme authority of the monarch.

The king was elated.. Finally, he declared,
“ Can anyone around here be more powerful than me?”.
“Your majesty, you are the supreme” piped in all the courtiers.

But the chorus was not unanimous.
The king looked around.

He noticed one shaven and tufted head not nodding in agreement..
The owner of the head was Tenali Ramakrishna.

The king was much irritated. “ Rama, don’t you agree?” hissed the monarch.
“ My, lord and Master, I am trying to persuade myself to agree with that statement heartily , but still there is some small doubt”

“ If you can find anyone more powerful then me who could openly challenge my authority, show him to me.. exhorted the great Raya.

“Give me a couple of days, sire’ Came the reply from Ramakrishna.

Two days later, Ramakrishna entered the Royal Court in full session, carrying with him cute little boy of six months.

The child was so beautiful, so bubbly, ever giggling and making inarticulate sweet noises.

All the courtiers, including the King could not help watching the baby and its pranks.

The Queen, who was present witnessing the proceedings could not help getting attracted to the infant. She came forward and took the child in her lap..

The infant, in its innocence, played with the Royal Lady and even dirtied her silk dress.. The motherly instinct of the queen came to the fore and she was cleaning the baby, instead of caring for the stately clothes she was wearing.
 The king also saw the child and was attracted by its utter innocence.

He did not hesitate to take the child in his hands and even kissed it.. In that process the Royal countenance was smeared with the saliva of the infant...

The baby was not afraid of the Royal appearance or the thick moustache of the monarch.. and even the swords and spears carried by the bodyguards around had no impact on the child..

Laughing gleefully, the child pulled at the long moustache of the king.. and strangely, the monarch was roaring with laughter and encouraging the boy.

Now, it was Ramakrishna’s turn to mumble. 
” Who is more powerful, your Majesty?”

Thursday, October 17, 2013

the danger that befell the dancer

A  crow was flying around collecting crumbs of food for the  day.. It so happened that he came across a group of peacocks near a green bush..
 The weather was fine and there were some clouds gathering afar. The peacocks were very happy.. and they spread their colourful feathers and started to dance. 
It is not known whether it was jealousy or feeling of inferiority that caught up with  the crow..
 He said to himself.  “ How beautiful those peacocks are..What a dress  and dance!   Let me also take my chance at such fun and frolicking”..
So when the royal birds left the scene, the crow could see that some worn feathers of the attractive birds were lying where they had been dancing.  He picked up these colourful pieces carefully and tucked them among his own dark ugly feathers.. He thought to himself that with these new pieces in place, he had become very beautiful and that  he was now ready for  a ballet.
 First, he made his own funny noises for music and danced alone to gain confidence.. Then he chased around the group of peacocks who  had found another locale for their dance. 
 He tried to join the troupe and  was trying to sway and swirl along with those beautiful birds..  First he was ignored as an insignificant interference.. But as the crow persisted with his stellar performance, he was noticed and  the bigger birds lost no time in just driving away the intruder with stern warnings.
.Justifiably they felt that the ugly crow was bringing disrepute to them by donning their feathers and imitating their steps so clumsily.
The crow was not a fellow who was ready to give up.. He thought..
 “ Maybe, I am  not rehearsed properly to join the troupe of peacocks.  But my colourful new  feathers and the experience I have gained in the company of the peacocks,  my talents  as a beautiful bird who can also dance should bring pride to my kinsmen, the crows. 
So he came back to his group..with new feathers and all.. He lost no time in flaunting his histrionic talents.  He started crowing and dancing.. Other crows saw him.. “ What happened to this fellow?   New feathers and dance?  Has he gone mad?”
First they laughed and teased.. But when the nuisance persisted  crow  the dancer was driven out of his own family group.

(This is an adaptation of  an Aesop’s story)

Sunday, October 06, 2013

sree krishnaashtottarashatanaamastottram... from Naradapancharatram.

श्रीकृष्णः कमलानाथो वासुदेवः सनातनः वसुदेवात्मजः पुण्यो लीलामानुषविग्रहः॥१
श्रीवत्सकौस्तुभधरो यशोदावत्सलो हरिः चर्तुर्भुजात्तचक्रासिगदाशङ्ख़ाद्युदायुधः॥२
देवकीनन्दनः श्रीशो नन्दगोपप्रियात्मजः यमुनावेगसंहारी बलभद्रप्रियानुजः॥३
पूतनाजीवितहरः शकटासुरभञ्जनः नन्दव्रजजनानन्दी सच्चिदानन्दविग्रहः॥४
नवनीतविलिप्ताङ्गो नवनीतनटोऽनघः नवनीतनवाहारो मुचुकुन्दप्रसादकः॥५
षोडशस्त्रीसहस्रेशः त्रिभंगी मधुराकृतिः शुकवागमृताब्दीन्दुः गोविन्दो योगिनां पतिः॥६
वत्सवाटचरोऽनन्तो धेनुकासुरमर्द्दनः तृणीकृततृणावर्त्तो यमळार्ज्जुनभञ्जनः॥७
उत्तालतालभेत्ता च तमालश्यामळाकृतिः गोपगोपीश्वरो योगी कोटिसूर्यसमप्रभः॥८
इळापतिः परंज्योतिः यादवेन्द्रो यदूद्वहः वनमाली पीतवासाः परिजातापहरकः॥९
गोवर्द्धनाचलोद्धर्त्ता गोपालः सर्वपालकः अजो निरञ्जनः कामजनकः कञ्जलोचनः॥१०
मधुहा मधुरानाथो द्वारकानायको बली बृन्दावनान्तसञ्चारी तुळसीदामभूषणः॥११
स्यमन्तकमणेर्हर्त्ता नरनारायणात्मकः कुब्जाकृष्णांबरधरो मायी परमपूरुषः॥१२
मुष्टिकासुरचाणूरमल्लयुद्धविशारदः संसारवैरी कंसारिः मुरारिर्न्नरकान्तकः॥१३
अनादिब्रह्मचारी च कृष्णाव्यसन कर्शकः शिशुपालशिरच्छेत्ता दुर्योधनकुलान्तकः॥१४
विदुराक्रूरवरदो विश्वरूपप्रदर्शकः सत्यवाक् सत्यसंकल्पः सत्यभामारतो जयी॥१५
सुभद्रापूर्वजो जिष्णुः भीष्ममुक्तिप्रदायकः जगद्गुरुर्ज्जगन्नाथो वेणुनादविशारदः॥१६
वृषभासुरविध्वंसी बाणासुरकरान्तकः युधिष्ठिरप्रतिष्ठाता बर्हिबर्हावतंसकः॥१७
पार्त्थसारथिरव्यक्तो गीतामृतमहोदथिः काळीयफणमाणिक्यरञ्जितश्रीपदांभुजः॥१८
दामोदरो यज्ञभोक्ता दानवेन्द्रविनाशकः नारायणः परब्रह्म पन्नगाशनवाहनः॥१९
जलक्रीडासमासक्तगोपीवस्त्रापहारकः पुण्यश्लोकस्तीर्त्थपादो वेदवेद्यो दयानिधिः॥२०
सर्वतीर्त्थात्मकस्सर्वग्रहरूपी परात्परः एवं श्रीकृष्णदेवस्य नाम्नामष्टोत्तरं शतं॥२१
कृष्णनामामृतं नाम परमानन्दकारकं अत्युपद्रवदोषघ्नं परमायुष्यवर्द्धनं॥२२
दानं श्रुतं तपस्तीर्थम् यत्कृतम् त्विह जन्मनि पठतां शृण्वतां चैव कोटिकोटिगुणं भवेत्॥२३
॥इति श्रीनारदपञ्चरात्रे ज्ञानामृतसारे चतुर्त्थे रात्रे उमामहेश्वरसंवादे श्रीकृष्णाष्टोत्तरशतनामस्तोत्रम् समाप्तं॥


śrīkṛṣṇaḥ kamalānātho vāsudevaḥ sanātanaḥ vasudevātmajaḥ puṇyo līlāmānuṣavigrahaḥ||1

śrīvatsakaustubhdharo yaśodāvatsalo hariḥ carturbhujāttacakrāsigadāśaṅādyudāyudhaḥ||2

devakīnandanaḥ śrīśo nandagopapriyātmajaḥ yamunāvegasaṁhārī balabhadrapriyānujaḥ||3

pūtanājīvitaharaḥ śakaṭāsurabhañjanaḥ nandavrajajanānandī saccidānandavigrahaḥ||4

navītaviliptāṅgo navanītanaṭo'naghaḥ navanītanavāhāro mucukundaprasādakaḥ||5

ṣoḍaśastrīsahasresaḥ tribhaṁgī madhurākṛtiḥ śukavāgamṛtābdīnduḥ govindo yogināṁ patiḥ||6

vatsavāṭacaro'nando dhenukāsuramarddanaḥ tṛṇīkṛtatṛṇāvartto yamaḻārjjunabhañjanaḥ||7

uttālatālabhettā ca tamālaśyāmaḻākṛtiḥ gopagopīśvaro yogī koṭisūryasamaprabhaḥ||8

iḻāpatiḥ paraṁjyotiḥ yādavendro yadūdvahaḥ vanamālī pītavāsāḥ parijātāpaharakaḥ||9

govarddhanācaloddharttā gopālaḥ sarvapālakaḥ ajo nirañjanaḥ kāmajanakaḥ kañjalocanaḥ||10

madhuhā madhurānātho dvārakānāyako balī bṛndāvanāntasañcārī tuḻasīdāmabhūṣaṇaḥ||11

syamantakamaṇerharttā naranārāyaṇātmakaḥ kubjākṛṣṇāṁbaradharo māyī paramapūruṣaḥ||12

muṣṭikāsuracaṇūramallayuddhaviśāradaḥ saṁsāravairī kaṁsāriḥ murārirnnarakāntakaḥ||13

anādibrahmacārī ca kṛṣṇāvyasana karśakaḥ śiśupālaśiraccettā duryodhanakulāntakaḥ||14

vidurākrūravarado viśvarūpapradarśakaḥ satyavāk satyasaṁkalpaḥ satyabhāmārato jayī||15

subhadrāpūrvajo jiṣṇuḥ bhīṣmamuktipradāyakaḥ jagadgururjjagannātho veṇunādaviśāradaḥ||16

vṛṣabhāsuravidhvaṁsī bāṇāsurakarāntakaḥ yudhiṣṭhirapratiṣṭhātā barhibarhāvataṁsakaḥ||17

pārtthasārathiravyakto gītāmṛtamahodathiḥ kāḻīyaphaṇamāṇikyarañjitaśrīpadāṁbhujaḥ||18

dāmodaro yajñabhoktā dānavendravināśakaḥ nārāyaṇaḥ parabrahma pannagāśanavāhanaḥ||19

jalakrīḍāsamāsaktagopīvastrāpahārakaḥ puṇyaślokastīrtthapādo vedavedyo dayānidhiḥ||20

sarvatīrtthātmakassarvagraharūpī parātparaḥ evaṁ śrīkṛṣṇadevasya nāmnāmaṣṭottaraṁ śataṁ||21

kṛṣṇanāmāmṛtaṁ nāma paramānandakārakaṁ atyupadravadoṣaghnaṁ paramāyuṣyavarddhanaṁ||22

dānaṁ śrutaṁ tapastīrtham yatkṛtam tviha janmani paṭhatāṁ śṛṇvatāṁ caiva koṭikoṭiguṇaṁ bhavet||23

||iti śrīnāradapañcarātre jñānāmṛtasāre caturtthe rātre umāmaheśvarasaṁvāde śrīkṛṣṇāṣṭottaraśatanāmastotram samāptaṁ||

Meanings of Krishna ashtottaram  
Sree Krishna…. He is having that name because he is black in colour. His nature is to attract everything to him.. a veritable blackhole..

KamalaanaathaH.. The lord of Kamala, the Mahalakshmi.

VasudevaH… the son of Vasudeva. 

Sanatana… the eternal, without any beginning. 

Vasudevaatmaja.. the one born out of the Vasudeva..the king ( or the Gods?)

PunyaH.. the most scared, the one who is born in response to the prayer of ever so many virtuous being..

LeelaamanushavigrahaH.. He is the being with no for but by way of sport of maya he has taken the form of a human being.

Sreevasta kaustubhadharaH….. He wears the mark Sreevatsam as on his bosom as birthmark (some allude this as the footmark of Bhrigu) and the gem Kastubha adorns the garland of precious stones worn by him.

Yasodhaa vatsalaH. He is the darling of Matha Yasodha.

HariH..He is Hari.. remover of Sins, he the the Divine Lion..

Chathurbhujaattachkraasi Gadhaa sankhaadyutaayudhaH..He is holding aloft four insignia or weapon. The Discus (Sudarsana, the wheel of a chariot..Nandaka the sword . the gadha or mace Kaumodhakee, Panchajanya the Conch,

DevakeenandanaH… the beloved son of Devaki

ShreeshaH The lord of Devi Lakshmi, the Lord all the wealth of the Universe

NandagopapriyaatmajaH… The dearest son of Nandagopa

Yamuna vegasamharee… He stopped the torrential flow of River Yamuna while he had to cross over from Mathura to Gokula.. Later while playing and while dancing on the hoods of the serpent Kaliya, Yamuna watched calmly.

BalabhadrapriyaanujaH.. The younger brother close to the heart of Balarama

PoothanaajeevithaharaH The child who suckled the poisoned breast of demoness Poothana and delivered her of her life..

ShakataasurabhanjanaH… The one who shattered with a little movement of his tiny legs, a huge wooden cart, which in fact was the demon Shakata who had come to Gokulam to crush and kill the child Krishna

Nandavrajajannaandee.. One who gave immense happiness to all the living beings in the household conglomerate of Nandagopa..

Satchit ananda VigrahaH… One who is the embodiment of Sat, Chit and aananda

NavameethaviliptaangaH ..One whose body is completely smeared with butter

NavaneethanataH.. One who played a lot of pranks and enacted a lot of dramas for butter

AnaghaH One without any sins

NavaneethanavaahaaraH.. One who is pleased to have fresh butter as food

MuchukundprasadhakaH ..One who blessed the ancient sagely king Muchukunda (cf. the Kaalayavana episode)

ShodashastreesahasreshaH ..The lord and master for sixteen thousand noble ladies

ThribhangeemadurakrutiH.. One who kindly straightened the thrice crooked body hunchback girl( who was carrying cosmetics for Kamsa and gave those to Krishna) and restored her to her sweet beautiful form.

Shukavag .. Having soft and beautiful tone of a Parrot… or the one who has given words to Shuka the son of Vyasa

Amrutaabheendu.. The moon raising out of the sea of Amrutha or nectar ( the moon, according to the puranas emerged from the Ocean of Milk, which was churned by Gods and Asuras)
Govinda.. The protector of Cows.. the master of Go.. the word, the earth, the Vedas..

Yoginaam PathiH.. The foremost amongs the yogins .. Gita.. Yatra yogeswara KrishnaH, Samattwam yoga uchyate, yogaH karmasu kausalam etc..

VatsavaatacharaH.. The boy who roams around the mangers where the young calves are arranged.

AnanthaH.. The being without end.. The serpent Aadhisesha

Dhenukaasura Mardhana: The annihilator of the demon 

Dhenuka…sent by Kamsa to kill the infant Krishna … the demon took the form of a ferocious cow and attacked the Lord but was killed by the latter.

Thrineekritha thrinavartho… One who blew away the demon Tthirnavartha like a piece of grass. Thrinavartha was another demon sent to attack the child Krishna.. the demon landed upon Gokulam in the shape of a cyclone and tried to fly away with the child but was nullified by Krishna and the demon got killed in the process.

Yamalaarjuna bhanjanaH.. One who uprooted the twin Arjuna Trees. The two son’s of Kubera, Nalakubara and Manigreeva, stood as arjuna trees in the backyard of Nanda..due to a curse from Narada.. When Krishna whose tummy was tied to a mortar by His mother Yasodha ran around with the mortar in tandem and when he pulled the ropes sticking the big mortar between the trees, the trees got broken and uprooted and the two boys got released from their curse and regained their original life.

Uttaalataalabhetta.. The one who uprooted the huge taala tree.. another demonic manifestation.. can also allude to the action of Rama in uprooting the seven trees with one stroke of arrow to prove his prowess before Sugreema.

Tamaalashyamalaakrithi.. Having the solid dark shape and structure of a Tamala Tree.. (Rosewood..?)
GopagopesswaraH… the lord of the cowherds, both male and female..

Yogi.. The practitioner of Yoga .. He is the Lord of Yoga itself.. and He runs the universe Himself being the Parabrahmam, aiding himself with the yogamaya created by himself.

KotisuuryasaamaprabhaH.. Having powerful aura or luster of millions of Suns.. the Sun is the apparent source of all energy, but the lord is Himself the energy and the source of such energy.. Na tatra sooryo bhathi……

IlaapathiH.. The lord of Ila… Ila’s history in puranas is very interesting.. She is once transformed from female to male.. Lingapuranam, Skandam etc have described the story… Ila can also mean Ida… one of the two naadis.. Ida and pingala which constitute the yogic science.

ParamjyothiH… The ultimate light and the source of it

Yaadavendra.. The foremost leader of the Yadu or Yadava clan

YadoodvahaH .. One who is the protector of the Yadu clan..( And the Yadu clan had gained sin through a curse of Yayati.. but the birth of Krishna in that clan sanctified it.

Vanamaalee.. One who wears galands made of wild flowers

PeethavaasaaH.. One who wears bright yellow clothes

Paarijaathaapaharaka.. One who stealthily brought the celestial Parijatha tree from heaven to earth.

govarddhanaachalorddharthaa: the one who lifted the mountain Govardhana.. under the advice of Krishna, the gopas paid respects to the mountain Govardhana instead of Indra. The enraged Indra retaliated by sending huge torrential rains to render the gopas helpless. Krishna lifted the Govardhana mountain like an umbrella and protected the gopas for a long time sheltering them under the upturned mountain.

gopalaH… the protector of cows, cowherd

sarvapalakaH.. Protector of all

ajaH.. One without any birth

niranjanaH.. spotless, pure

kaamajanakaH.. the father of Kamadeva.. Kamadeva, the God of love is the son of Vishnu and Lakshmi. Again, Pradhyumna, the son of Rugmani and Krishan is the incarnation of Kamadeva.

KanjalochanaH.. Lotus eyed

madhuhaa..   the killer of the demon Madhu

mathuraanaathaH ..   The master of the city Mathura

dwaarakaanaayakaH ..   The leader of the city Dwaraka

Balee..      Immensely powerful

Brindaavanaanthasanchaaree..    One who happily roams around and inside the Brindavan

ThulaseedhaamabhhushanaH..    One who has adorned with a nice garland of Tulasi leaves

Syamanthakamanerhartra.. who was alleged to be the thief of the famous gem Syamanthaka.. The gem belonged to Satrajit and when Prasena, the brother of Satrajit had gone to forest for a hunt and was killed and robbed, Krishna was accused of the robbery.  Later on the Gem was recovered from Jambavan who had got it from a lion which had killed Prasena.  Krishna’s  name was cleared and in this process, he was married to Satyabhama, the daughter of Satrajit, and Jambavati, the daughter of Jambavan.

NaranarayanaatmakaH..  the embodiment of Nara and 

Narayana..   the lord embodied himself as Nara and Narayana to fight certain demons and these two were manifest as Arjuna and Krishna in the Mahabharata time.

kubjaakrishnaambharadharaH   one who wore the dress given by a hunchback lady.. during his visit to Mathura as summoned by his uncle Kamsa

Maayee ..  Adept is deception, the master of Maya

ParmapoorushaH… the supereme among men, living beings, the exalted Brahman

MustikaasurachaanooramallayuddhavisharadhaH… the expert wrestler who fought with the demons Mushtika and Chaanoora and defeated them.

Samsaaravairee..  the one who is the arch enemy to the woes of existence of the living beings .

KamsaariH   .. the enemy of Kamsa… his own uncle

Murari     … The enemy and vanquisher of the demon Mura

NarakaanthakaH… the one who became the killer of Narakaasura.. Naraka is a demon born of Vishnu and Bhoomi..(Krishna and Satyabhama).. However on account of the demon’s  misdeeds, he had to be annihilated and that too by his own father.  We celebrate deepavali on this incident.
anaadi..the being whose origin can never be known
brahmachari..  the celebate or one who is the perfect brahmachari… in human form he performed so many leelas, but the basic divine material in him was pure brahmam.. The brahmacharyam was proved during the incidence of rejuvenation of Pareekshit, Abhimanyu’s Child, who had been affected by the destructive Brahmasira arrow  applied by Aswathama against all the Pandavas.

KrishnaavyasanakarshakaH..  One who dispelled the sorrows of Draupadi, the Krishna… Take the case of Akshaya patram incident, The disrobing in the court of Duryodhana, The protection of Pareekshit etc..

Sisupaalashirachchetta..  The beheader of Shishupala..  Jaya and Vijaya, the Lords gatekeepers were cursed to be born  thriceas enemies of the Lord and attain moksham after getting killed at the hands of the Lord.  Their first birth, Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu was handled by the Lords incarnation as Varaha and Narasimha.  Their second birth as Ravana and Kumbhakarna  was dealt with the Lord’s Incarnation of Rama.  During Krishnaavataram, they were born as Shishupaala and Dantavaktra.  Shishupala, though a cousin of Krishna was an enemy, and always spread scandals about Krishna.. Shishupala created problem at the marriage ceremony of Rugmani  with Krishna.. During thee Rajasooya yajna conducted by yudhistira, all the elders were unanimous that Krishna should be given the primal respects and oblations.  But Shisupaala opposed it and talked very nasty things about the Lord. Krishna, after being patient for long enough had to behead Shishupala with his discus, to save the situation

DuryodhanakulaanthakaH.. the terminator of the clan of Duryodhana… ultimately, it was the presence and actions of Krishna which caused the destruction of Kauravas and won the mahabharatha was for the Pandavas

ViduraakrooravaradhaH… the Lord who honoured Vidura and Akroora with boons… When Krishna was visiting Hastinapuram as the envoy of the Pandavas, the ruling house was not very friendly with the Lord. The lord chose to spend his night at the house of Vidura, the great scholar, devotee and the half-brother of Pandu and Dhritarashtra.. The ardent devotee that was vidura, could not observe the proprieties of hospitality and it is said that he fed the Lord with the peelings of banana while throwing away the kernals.. But Krishna was captivated by the devotion and was an eternal beneficiary for Vidura. Akrua was a relative, and he was commissioned by Kamsa to bring Krishna and Balarama from Brindaban to Madura (of course with cruel intentions).. Akrura, the staunch devotee,  enjoyed the hospitality of the Lord and was also accorded with Divya Vaikunta Darshanam.. before the two brothers came to Mathura and confronted Kamsa.

Vishwaroopa pradarshakaH.. The Lord who exhibited his Cosmic form… In fact he did it twice.  Once to convince Arjuna in the battlefield and once in the court of Duryodhana, when the evil king tried to arrest and capture him through force.
Satyavaak.. One who always makes only true words…  To see it from another angle, only what he talks is truth.    Cf. satya-vratam satya-param tri-satyam, satyasya yonim nihitam ca satye satyasya satyam rta-satya-netram, satyatmakam tvam saranam prapannahSrimad Bhagavatam 10.2.

SatyasankalpaH:   Whose thought process is truth and nothing but truth.

SatyabhaamarataH:  One who is greatly affectionate to Satyabhaama

Jayee:   One who is ever victorious.

SubhadraapoorvajaH.. the one born elder to Subhadra

Jishnu:  One who is always bent on success, one who is always successful in all that he engages himself in

Bheeshmamuktipradaayaka:  The one who granted Moksha to Bheeshapitaamaha..  Even though bound by duty to fight against the Lord, Bheeshma was dearer to Him, maybe ever greater that the Pandavas and Arjuna. There was in fact a tussle between the Lord and the Warrior.. While the Lord said he would never take any arms in the Mahabharatha battle, Bheeshma challenged that he would make Krishna wield a weopon.  Ultimately, the circumstances contrived in such a way that the Lord charged towards Bheeshma with a chariot wheel in hand to protect Arjuna.. Here Krishna wanted to make the promise of Bheeshma true even by negating his own promise.  Bheeshma chanted the hundred names of the Lord in His presences, and he could not help calling the lord  Rathangapaani.. one who is having a chariot-wheel in his hands.

Jagadguru:  The preceptor of the World.. The aacharya who gave us Gita. We call three persons Jagatguru.. Krishna, Shankara and Lord Dakshinamoorthy himself.

JagannathaH  ;  The master of the world… He shines for in that form in Puri.. Natha hare jagannatha hare.

VenunaathavisaarathaH. . Adept in playing the flute…   The cows and calves, the gopis and gops, the trees and tendrils, the birds and animals, the animate and the inanimate things, all were captivated by the music played by Krishna.

Vrishabhaasura vidhwamsee..  one who destroyed the demon Vrishabha in the shape of a bull.. this happened during the childhood pranks of Krishna

Baanaasura KaraanthakaH..  The one who cut off the arms of Banaasura..  Bana, an asura and a devotee of Shiva, had a beautiful daughter Usha..A romance developed between Usha and Aniruddha the grandson of Krishna, and Aniruddha was abducted.  A fierce battle followed and Bana was defeated and all of his 999 pairs of arms were chopped off.. however, Usha and Aniruddha were united.

YudhisTirapratishTaathaa:  One who regained Suzerainty to  Yudhistira, the elder  pandava in Mahabharatha war.
Barhibarhaavatamsaka:   One who adorns himself with the beautiful feathers of a peacock.

PaarthasaarathiH..    the charioteer to Arjuna

AvyakthaH..   One who cannot be understood clearly
GeethamruthamahodhadhiH..  the ocean of nectar that is fill with the ambroscia of Geetha… apart from Him, from whence can the Geetha come?

KaaleeyaphanamaanikyaranchitashreepadaambuajaH.. One whose lotus feet are brightened by the luster emanating from the manikya gems adorning the myriad heads of the venomous snake Kaliya.  Kaliya occupied the Kalindi and was poisoning the environments and causing hazards to the life and welfare of the occupants of Brindaban. One day the dark lad Krishna jumped into the place where the furious snake was spewing his venom and started dancing over the snake’s many hoods.. The snake could not do any harm to the child but was nearing his death unable to bear the footfalls of the child. Ultimately, the kind Lord pardoned the snake and sent him to an island Ramanaka.

DamodharaH.. One with a rope around his belly… The naughty boy proved impossible for Yasodha and she simply tied across his belly to a mortar with a long rope.  The boy ran around and hit two trees and broke them and gave moksham to two sons of kubera..  Strange, the immeasurable, uncontrollable parabrahmam was tied by that mother with the rope of love..

Yajnabhoktaa..  the one who partakes in the offerings made in yajnaas.   In fact the Rishipatnees gave the food meant for yajna to the black child and his naughty colleagues.

Daanavendravinasaka.. Annihilator of the leader of demons..  Kamsa?

Naarayana  .. The dweller of water.. the one who floats over water.. and this word is beyond meanings.

Parabrahma..  The ultimate Soul

PannagaashanavaahanaH.. He has Garuda the Vainateya who feasts on snakes, as his mount

JalakreedaasamaasakthagopeevastraapahaarakaH..  The one who snatched away stealthily the clothes of the Gopis who had all come to a bathing ghat in Yamuna for a watery sport.

PunyashlokaH..  the praiseworthy one.. the praise of whom brings punyam to us

Teerthapaado.. who is  having water at his feet..  from his lotus feet flows the river gangaa bhaageerathy.

VedhavedhyaH.. The one who is understood only through Vedaas

DayaanidhiH  ..  The treasure of compassion for the devotees.

SarvateerthaatmakaH..  The inherent divinity found in all holy waters and holy places

Sarvagraharoopee:  Who manifests himself in the shape of all planets and celestial bodies

Paraatpara..  Supreme of all that is supreme.

Thus is the 108 names of Lord Krishna

It is called Krishnanaamaamrutham.  It is the source of supreme ecstasy.   It prevents all evils and attacks. It helps in increasing one’s longevity.  Whatever is given, heard, done in pilgrimage, or done in this life in these names, for who read, who hear them, the results will be  Million-fold.

This is from Jnaanaamritasaaram of  Narada Pancharathra..Discourse between Uma and Maheswara.. On the fourth night