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Saturday, July 14, 2018

time to bury the hatchet...

परैः परिभवं प्राप्ते वयं पञ्चोत्तरं शतम्।
परस्परविरोधे तु वयं पञ्च शतं तु ते॥
महाभारते वनपर्वणि २४३-३
paraiḥ paribhavaṁ prāpte vayaṁ pañcottaraṁ śatam|
parasparavirodhe tu vayaṁ pañca śataṁ tu te||
mahābhārate vanaparvaṇi 243-3

A very interesting situation in the epic Mahabharatham, Vanaparvama.. Ghoshayatra Parvam

After being defeated in a game of Dice 
The Pandavas along with Draupadi are having their sojourn in the forest called Dvaita Vana.. 
Even there, by virute the power of their own great qualities and by the Grace of Krishna they are leading a frugal but very nice life, and people from all walks of life and sages visited them and they received the hospitality of the Pandavas in a befitting manner.

Meanwhile, Duryodhana, who had usurped the kingdom, is still not very confident about retaining the standards set by Yudhistira. 
Once a brahmin, who had visited Yudhistira in Dvaita forest and has been his guest, paid a visit to Hastinapura and during his talks with Duryodhana, 
He described the grand style of living of the Pandavas and the hospitality of Dharmaputra, even while the brothers were in exile.. 
This kindled the jealousy of Duryodhana, and prodded by Shakuni and Karna he set out on a forest expedition, ostensibly with a view to visit his own forest areas and tame the wild animals by hunting, but with the intention of causing as much damage to Pandavas as possible.

A big retinue of vassals, friends, ministers, armed soidiers, tradesmen and even some ladies accompanied the king in this expedition which was named Ghoshayatra..

While entering the forest, very near the camp of Yudhistira and his brothers, Duryodhana and his men were accosted by a celestial group of Gandharvas, who challenged them for fight..

First Karna fought them and was defeated and held in captivity by them..
Subequently Duryodhana himself with all his men, women and belongings was captured and kept under arrest..

Some soldiers who had sneaked away from Duryodhana's camp fled to where Yudhistira was living, and informed Bhimasena of the pathetic plight of Duryodhana and company..
Bhimasena was rather pleased and stated that Duryodhana got only what he deserved.. 
But the King Yudhistira overheard the conversation and was very disturbed..
He was all the more worried that the ladies of the clan were also captured...

He felt that the honour of the Kuru Race to which the Pandavas too belonged was at stake and he told Bhima that He, Arjuna and the Twins Nakula and Sahadeva should immediately act and ensure the release of Duryodhana and his people..

The above sloka states exactly what Dharmaputra told his younger brother Bhima..
" When we are challenged and under attack by others, we are one hundred and five..( hundred kauravas and five pandavas together) ..
Maybe we are inmical to each other as a group of five against another group of one hundred.. as far as that family feud is concerned."

(this is the meaning of the slokam quoted at the top)

Of course, the Pandavas waged a fierce battle with the Gandharvas and secured the release of Duryodhana and his retinue..

But the Kaurava cousins and their henchmen , true to their character, were thankless..

Later on a fierce battle, Mahabharata war occured and the Kauravas were decimated and Pandavas were restored to power.. That is history.

But the lesson here is that in the matter of unequivocal allegience to one's own race and country all persons belonging to the race and all the subjects and citizens of the nation should rally together forgetting all the inernal squabbles and stand as one man against the disruptive forces and secure victory too...
"We may fight as five on one side and hundred on the other side,, but when outsiders attach, we are hundred and five.. "

This spirit projected by the epic Mahabharatham is worth emulation by any patriotic group..

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Suryamandala Stotram..

Suryamandala Stotram..

This is a great hymn in praise of the ever manifest Divine being, Sun.. The most important Hindu hymn and prayer in Vedas, 

Rigveda to be precise, 

is Savitri.. which is called Gayatri 

because of its composition in the meter of that name It is is praise of Savita, the deity of the Sun. This Stotram also contains in it the spirit of the Mahamantra, Gayatri. 

नमः सवित्रे जगदेकचक्षुषे जगत्प्रसूति स्थिति नाश हेतवे। 

त्रयीमयाय त्रिगुणात्म धारिणे। विरिञ्चि नारायण शङ्करात्मने॥ १॥ 

namaḥ savitre jagadekacakṣuṣe jagatprasūti sthiti nāśa hetave| 

trayīmayāya triguṇātma dhāriṇe| viriñci nārāyaṇa śaṅkarātmane|| 1|| 

Pranams to the Sun, Savita (the source of all that is great) who is the sole pair of eyes for the entire universe 

Who is the cause for birth, existence and destruction of the whole universe 

Who is the quintessance of the three Vedas, Rik,Yajus and Sama Who contains in whom the essence of the three Gunas Sattva, Rajas and Tams Who is the soul of Virinja the Brahma, Narayana theVishnu and Shankara, the Shiva 

नमोस्तु सूर्याय सहस्ररश्मये सहस्रशाखान्वित सम्भवात्मने। सहस्र योगोद्भवभूतिभागिने सहस्रसंख्यायुगधारिणे नम:।। namostu sooryaaya sahasrarashmaye sahasrashaakhaanvita sambhavaatmane.. sahasrayododbahavabhooti bhaagine sahasrasankhyaayudha dhaarine nama 

pranams to the Sun.. who shines forth with innumerable (sahasra.. thousand) rays who is the source and origin for Vedas with innumerable Sakhas.. or who contains within him the knowledge of all that is sublime who is manifest in the form of the parabrahma who is the source of innumerable Yoga.. or who encompassed in himself all the yogas. who is carrying within himself or who is the eternal witness to all time which encompasses innumerable yugas.. or huge slices of time 

Here thousand or Sahasra indicates the innumerable or the infinite.. 

Surya is conceived as the Supreme being. 

यन्मण्डलं दीप्तिकरं विशालं रत्नप्रभं तीव्रमनादि रूपम्। 

दारिद्र्य दुखक्षयकारणं च पुनातु मां तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम्॥ २॥ 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ dīptikaraṁ viśālaṁ ratnaprabhaṁ tīvramanādi rūpam| 

dāridrya dukhakṣayakāraṇaṁ ca punātu māṁ tatsaviturvareṇyam|| 2|| 

The abode and orb of the Sun the Savita 

which is the ultimate in its power and capacity to effectively maintain order and truth everywhere which is shining forth in utter resplendance which is having its huge area of manifestation Which is brillinantly glittering with all precious gems which is intense in its radiations, and the time of its original appearance and who original form could not be even thought of as a guess which is capable of causing annihilation of all our grief may purify and protect me.. 

यन्मण्डलं देव गणैः सुपूजितं विप्रैः स्तुतं भावनमुक्ति कोविदम्। 

तं देवदेवं प्रणमामि सूर्यं पुनातु मां तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम्॥ ३॥ 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ deva gaṇaiḥ supūjitaṁ vipraiḥ stutaṁ bhāvanamukti kovidam| 

taṁ devadevaṁ praṇamāmi sūryaṁ punātu māṁ tatsaviturvareṇyam|| 3|| 

The abode and orb of the Sun the Savita 

which is the ultimate in its power and capacity to effectively maintain order and truth everywhere which is ever worshipped hordes of celestial beings, devas which is praised in high esteem by the learned men 

which is capble of granting emancipation or moksha to all those who contemplate on it I offer my humble prostation every day to Surya the God of Gods.. may purify and protect me.. 

यन्मण्डलं ज्ञानघनं त्वगम्यं त्रैलोक्यपूज्यं त्रिगुणात्म रूपम्। 

समस्त तेजोमय दिव्यरूपं पुनातु मां तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम्॥ ४॥ 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ jñānaghanaṁ tvagamyaṁ trailokyapūjyaṁ triguṇātma rūpam| 

samasta tejomaya divyarūpaṁ punātu māṁ tatsaviturvareṇyam|| 4|| 

The abode and orb of the Sun the Savita 

which is the ultimate in its power and capacity to effectively maintain order and truth everywhere 

which is concentrated with pure knowledge 

which is not attainable with ease for laymen 

which is being worshipped in the three, sky and ether 

which is the manifest essence of the three gunas, sattwva, rajas and tamas 

which is the sum and substance of all resplendent forms and manifestations of the entire Divine 

may purify and protect me.. 

यन्मण्डलं गूढमतिप्रबोधं धर्मस्य वृद्धिं कुरुते जनानाम्। 

यत्सर्व पापक्षयकारणं च पुनातु मां तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम्॥ ५॥ 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ gūḍhamatiprabodhaṁ dharmasya vṛddhiṁ kurute janānām| 

yatsarva pāpakṣayakāraṇaṁ ca punātu māṁ tatsaviturvareṇyam|| 5|| 

The abode and orb of the Sun the Savita 

which is the ultimate in its power and capacity to effectively maintain order and truth everywhere 

which is capable of providing enlightenment to clouded minds and intellects 

which acts as the destroyer of all the sins incurred 

which enhances the virtuous action and enhances the effects of such action by the people 

may purify and protect me.. 

यन्मण्डलं व्याधि विनाश दक्षं यदृग्यजुः सामसु संप्रगीतम्। 

प्रकाशितं येन भूर्भुवः स्वः पुनातु मां तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम्॥ ६॥ 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ vyādhi vināśa dakṣaṁ yadṛgyajuḥ sāmasu saṁpragītam| 

prakāśitaṁ yena bhūrbhuvaḥ svaḥ punātu māṁ tatsaviturvareṇyam|| 6|| 

The abode and orb of the Sun the Savita 

which is the ultimate in its power and capacity to effectively maintain order and truth everywhere 

which is capable of relieving the living beings of all its illness and maladies 

which is praised and sung with great enthusiasam in all the three Vedas.. Rik, Yajus and Saman 

which illuminates the three worlds.. bhuH bhuvaH suvah.. the earth, the sky and the ether.. 

may purify and protect me.. 

यन्मण्डलं वेदविदो वदन्ति गायन्ति यच्चारण सिद्ध सङ्घाः। 

यद्योगिनो योगजुषां च सङ्घाः पुनातु मां तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम्॥ ७॥ 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ vedavido vadanti gāyanti yaccāraṇa siddha saṅghāḥ| 

yadyogino yogajuṣāṁ ca saṅghāḥ punātu māṁ tatsaviturvareṇyam|| 7|| 

The abode and orb of the Sun the Savita 

which is the ultimate in its power and capacity to effectively maintain order and truth everywhere 

which is described or spoken of in great reverence by the great scholars of Vedas 

about which the minstrels of the heaven, Charanas and Siddhaas sing with great enthusiasm 

whom the great yogis too praise 

and groups of practitioners and seekers of yogic path too sing in approval and reverence 

may purify and protect me.. 

यन्मण्डलं सर्वजनेषु पूजितं ज्योतिश्च कुर्यादिह मर्त्यलोके। 

यत्काल कल्पक्षयकारणं च पुनातु मां तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम्॥ ८॥ 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ sarvajaneṣu pūjitaṁ jyotiśca kuryādiha martyaloke| 

yatkāla kalpakṣayakāraṇaṁ ca punātu māṁ tatsaviturvareṇyam|| 8|| 

The abode and orb of the Sun the Savita 

which is the ultimate in its power and capacity to effectively maintain order and truth everywhere 

which is the subject of worship and reverence among all men which provides great resplendance too to the entire world inhabited by men 

which is the cause of time and timely functions of all phenomena of the world 

which is the cause of destruction of the whole creations at the end of kalpas may purify and protect me.. 

यन्मण्डलं विश्वसृजां प्रसिद्धं उत्पत्तिरक्षा प्रळय प्रगल्भम्। 

यस्मिञ्जगत्संहरतेऽखिलं च पुनातु मां तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम्॥ ९॥ 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ viśvasṛjāṁ prasiddhaṁ utpattirakṣā praḻaya pragalbham| 

yasmiñjagatsaṁharate'khilaṁ ca punātu māṁ tatsaviturvareṇyam|| 9|| 

The abode and orb of the Sun the Savita 

which is the ultimate in its power and capacity to effectively maintain order and truth everywhere 

which is the famous and favoured nucleus for the creators of the universe 

which is eminently capable of causing the creation.. utpatti, sustenance—raksha and destruction by final deluge.. pralayam of the universe unto which the everything reverts back and merges ultimately 

may protect and purify me 

यन्मण्डलं सर्वगतस्य विष्णोरात्मा परं धाम विशुद्धतत्त्वम्। 

सूक्ष्मान्तरैर्योगपथानुगम्यं पुनातु मां तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम्॥ १०॥ 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ sarvagatasya viṣṇorātmā paraṁ dhāma viśuddhatattvam| 

sūkṣmāntarairyogapathānugamyaṁ punātu māṁ tatsaviturvareṇyam|| 10|| 

The abode and orb of the Sun the Savita 

which is the ultimate in its power and capacity to effectively maintain order and truth everywhere 

which is the favourite abode of Vishnu the all encompassing Lord 

which is the sacred tattvam or principle of that Lord Vishnu whose very secret inside principles are understood by those who tread the hallowed path of yoga 

may protect and purify me 

यन्मण्डलं वेदविदो विदन्ति गायन्ति तच्चारणसिद्ध सङ्घाः। 

यन्मण्डलं वेदविदो स्मरन्ति पुनातु मां तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम्॥ ११॥ 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ vedavido vidanti gāyanti taccāraṇasiddha saṅghāḥ| 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ vedavido smaranti punātu māṁ tatsaviturvareṇyam|| 11|| 

The abode and orb of the Sun the Savita 

which is the ultimate in its power and capacity to effectively maintain order and truth everywhere 

which is understood well by those who are learned in vedas 

whose glory is sung by the group of celestial minstrels Sidhdhas and Charanas which is ever remembered in deep meditation by the scholars of vedas 

may protect and purify me 

यन्मण्डलं वेदविदोपगीतं यद्योगिनां योग पथानुगम्यम्। 

तत्सर्व वेदं प्रणमामि सूर्यं पुनातु मां तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम्॥ १२॥ 

yanmaṇḍalaṁ vedavidopagītaṁ yadyogināṁ yoga pathānugamyam| 

tatsarva vedaṁ praṇamāmi sūryaṁ punātu māṁ tatsaviturvareṇyam|| 12|| 

The abode and orb of the Sun the Savita 

which is the ultimate in its power and capacity to effectively maintain order and truth everywhere 

whose glories is ever sung by the learned scholars of Vedas 

which could be understood only by yogins and those who have embarked upon the path or sadhana of yoga 

may protect and purify me 

Daily, I offer my humble prostrations to Lord Surya who knows everything.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Prayer to Agni for removal of Sins...

Prayer to Agni for removal of Sins...

अग्नेर्मन्वे प्रथमस्य प्रचेतसः यं पाञ्चजन्यम् बहवस्समिन्धते।
विश्वस्यां दिवि विविशिवांसमीमहे स नो मुन्चत्वग्ंहसः॥
तैत्तिरीयप्रपाठके ॥ अपि च अथर्ववेदे
agnermanve prathamasya pracetasaḥ yaṁ pāñcajanyam bahavassamindhate|
viśvasyāṁ divi viviśivāṁsamīmahe sa no muncatvagṁhasaḥ||
taittirīyaprapāṭaka|| api ca atharvavede

Oh Agni, who is kindled to supreme vigour( by offerings of twigs and ghee etc,)
you the great one of Supreme vitality,
you, whom we praise as Paanchajanya,
Oh Agni who is spread all over this universe,
we make this prayer to you. with humble prostrations
May you be pleased to annihilate our sins and relieve us of all that is not good..

We see the word Panchajanya in this mantram.. and the holy Conch which we use in pooja comes to our mind.. So we chant this mantram when offering pooja to the Shankham.. relating the word Panchajanya to the Shankham.. as Lord Narayana holds in his hand a conch by name Panchajanya..

Panchajanya is the shell of a demon by that name whom Krishna defeated in the famous Santhanagopalam episode..

In Bagavat Gita first chapter we find Krishna blowing the conch Panchajanyam..
Paanchajanyam Hrisheekesho....

But the real mening of Panchajanya is Agni or the Lord of Fire.

He is called Panchajanya because he manifest in five forms.. In devayajna, pitru yajna, bhutayajna, manushyayajna and brahmayajna..
He is manifest in Panchabhoothas, Panchavarnas and so on..

This is a mantram in daily use..
Found in Krishna Yajurveda Taittireeya school.. and also in Atharvaveda in a slightly altered form..

Sunday, April 08, 2018

The mangalya sutra

The mangalya sutra.. a cotton thread, smeared with turmeric is supposed to carry the thali.. or the divine insignia which a groom ties to the bride and the bride as wife is expected to wear it as long as the husband lives.. 

I read somewhere a remark that manjal kayiru (the cotton thread smeared with turmeric) is a thing of the past and the ladies now wear only golden chains carrying the thaali.. 

But this is not correct.. according to the traditions.. 

My views. 
manjal kayiru should not be removed.. 
if anyone claims she is sumangali . 

The mangalyam is tied to a thanthu.. 
a cotton thread and not gold chain.. 
and this tantu is the jeevana hetu of the one who ties the thread.. 

jeevana hethu means the cause of longevity of the husband and that depends on this thread and mangalyam... 

it is at least believed so... 
as per the following manthram 

maangalyam tantunaa anena mama jeevana hetunaa.. 
kanTe badnaami subhage saneeva (or twam jeeva) sharatam shatam.. 
माङ्गल्यम् तन्तुनानेन मम जीवन हेतुना 
कण्ठे बध्नामि सुभगे त्वम् जीव शरदः शतम् 
māṅgalyam tantunānena mama jīvana hetunā 
kaṇṭhe badhnāmi subhage tvam jīva śaradaḥ śatam 

Oh fortunate lady, I am tying this Manglyam made of thread around your neck , This thread represents or is the cause of my longevity.. 
May you live happily for hundred autumns.. 

The thread is smeared with turmeric or manjal because manjal represents Mahalakshmi herself. 
A thali chain cannot replace a manjal kayiru as per our religion and traditions .. 

If someone is claiming that it does not matter even if mangalyam is not worn.. the possibilities can be many and I have nothing to say.. 

I am just viewing the issue from the angle of traditions and our faith. 



Tuesday, April 03, 2018

the sins get cleared thus..

विद्यातीर्थे विमलमतयः साधवः सत्यतीर्थे
गङ्गातीर्थे मलिनमनसो दानतीर्थे धनाढ्याः।
लज्जातीर्थे कुलयुवतयो योगिनो ज्ञानतीर्थे
धारातीर्थे धरणिपतयः कल्मषम् क्षालयन्ति॥
vidyātīrthe vimalamatayaḥ sādhavaḥ satyatīrthe
gaṅgātīrthe malinamanaso dānatīrthe dhanāḍhyāḥ|
lajjātīrthe kulayuvatayo yogino jñānatīrthe
dhārātīrthe dharaṇipatayaḥ kalmaṣam kṣālayanti|

Great souls and good persons avoid committing sins.. But the existence in the world is so complicated that they may not be able to steer clear of many errors happening beyond their control.
The sloka quoted above from a text Prasangaaharana talks about how people wash away thier sins..
Normally the sins are cleared off when peopl visit holy places or teerthas.
The people of clean and blemishless thoughts was away their sins in the holy waters of knowledge
The people of lofty character with little attachment to worldy matters could wash away any possible sins in the holy waters of truth.
The people whose minds have been contaminated by evil thoughts might wash away their sins by visiting the holy river Ganga and taking dip there/
The rich people, who have incurred sins whle earning the welath could was off their sins in the holy waters of sacred and well deserved gifts.
The ladies born in high families could was off their sins in the holy waters of bashfulness tinted with repentence..
The realized souls that are the yogins could wash off their sins in the holy waters of the Supreme Realizaton
And the brave rulers of the earth would wash off their sins in the holy waters that are the battlefields.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

misused words can be fatal...

मन्त्रो हीनः स्वरतो वर्ण्णतो वा मिथ्याप्रयुक्तो न तमर्थमाह।
स वाग्व्ज्रो यजमानम् हिनस्ति यथेन्द्रशत्रुः स्वरतोपराधात्॥
mantro hiinaH swarato varNNato vaa mithyaaprayukto na tamarthamaaha.
sa vaagvjro yajamaanam hinasti yathendrashatruH swaratoparaadhaat..
a manthra which is defective either in swara (pronunciation) or varna (in letter) will give adverse and dangerous effects.. 
The mispronounced word may... become something like vajraayaudha and will annihilate the yajamaana (the one who chants or offers oblations with the mantra).. 
This happened in the case of twastaa who wanted the increase in the number of enemies of Indra, chanted Indrashatroo vardhaswa इन्द्रशत्रू वर्धस्व
 in bahuvreehii instead of tatpurusha samasa..
that is,
 he chanted
indrashcha asau shatruscha इन्द्रः च असौ शत्रुः च (bahuvreehi)... meaning Indra the enemy may grow in valour
instead of
Indrasya shatroo इन्द्रस्य शत्रूः vardhaswa..(tatpurusha)
 that would mean
 Indra's enemies may grow valourous.

Thus instead of getting strong enemies for Indra,
Twsashtaa got a very strong enemy in Indra,, 
So the misused words acted as if thunderbolts which worked against Twashtaa.

This incident is usually narrated to the students of Vedas and Upanishads, during their study sessions.

(Once Vishvaroopa the son of Twashta was appointed as the priest of the Devas with Indra in the lead, because there was some misunderstanding with their usual priest Brihaspati. 
But Visvaroopa had some Asura connection in the mother's side, 
and was not faithful to the Devas.. 
Once, the priest Visvaroopa misappropriated the share of Devas in a yajna and diverted the benefits to the Asuras.. 
Indra got the wind of it and lost no time in beheading Vishvaroopa .. 
Vishvaroopa's father Twashtaa, himself a Deva of sorts, could not forgive Indra for this, 
and therefore he conducted the yajna for obtaining powerful enemies for Indra and to wage a battle against Indra.. 
In fact the demon Vritra was created.. and after a lot of fight and after obtaining Vajrayudha crafted from the backbone of Sage Dadeechi, Indra could finish off Vritrasura.. 
That is the entire story of enmity between Twashta and Indra)

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

musings 35

To maintain our physical body in all its strength and verve, we consume food, and do various exercises and expose the body to sunlight etc.. 
We consume carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, water and so on.. 
Such nutrients are derived from various sources in nature or some are even synthezised..
But utlimately, it is not the Carbohydrate or protein or Vitamin or Sunlight that manifest as our body or its activities.. 
The materials and nutrients are given as inputs or fuels and some process in the body, just converts these into the building and maintenance materials needed for the body..
So if we surround ourselves with gunnybags of rice or wheat or kilolitres of milk or keep our body inside a well, our body is not going to grow..
We have to cook or process and eat or drink and the body should process the material consumed.. and for that the vital force.. may be the Divine force in necessary.. 

Similarly we gather a lot of information and knowledge from books, from the talks and opinions of others and through media outpours.. 
We have to understand that all this is just crude raw material for the consumption and processing by our mind.. and the thinking structure built in our body..
What we imbibe or understand is just what the mind and brain processes or infers through functionals and sensory orgnas.. 
Eating a few pages of a book or swallowing a tabala or nadaswaram will not make us enjoy a novel or a piece of music..

So, ultimiately the vital force inside ourselves is our master..
And we should always keep our mastery over external influences by properly channelling our own physical and mental networks..

The controller of these networks, the one who supplies the correct power and oil to run these is perhaps an unseen force.. Maybe it is God.. 
it is not at all difficult to trust and depend on that God..
But instead, if we trust gunny bags, empty drums and gas balloons, who can save us?

life is there just to be lived...

Most of our time is spent on planning  to live, earning to live, reading to live and dishing out advices on how to live.. 

Often we spend our time is destroying our own means and methods of good life..
But most often we tend to overlook what exactly we want from our lives.. 
and therefore we do not spend our time in what really we want..

In short, we plan a lot but live very little..

At least for five minutes every hour we are awake, is it better to review our own flow of existence.. to see whether we have lived our life the way we want at least for a little while?

The fact is, we rewind, we ruminate when we are no longer able to do anything at all.. when we are at the close of our innings in this world..
Too late in the day..

They say a good technician spends a lot of time in sharpening and fine tuning his gadgets.. so that he can use them effectively at the right time..

But if the technician is just sharpening his gadgets for ever but never uses it.. what is the use of his being called a technician at all?

We collect books, build libraries, fill our memories with data, but never recall them for any use.. Why?

Life is like that..
But then we have to live at least a little, is it not?