pachai maamalai pol mene

Friday, March 24, 2017

Musings 29

Being humble is not exactly following dharma. 
A judge or policeman or even a king or a parent cannot be humble always. 
Humility has very little to do with following dharma. 
We cannot afford to be humble when righteousness is trampled upon.

And no law or dharma ever demands such subservience nor following the unjust majority

We have to follow our dharma whether others follow it or not. 
A rose plant will give rose flowers alone even if it is planted in a desert
And the plant will bloom till it dies of heat and lack of water But it will not produce watermelon 
If each individual tries to dilute his moral standards because others are not upto the mark then there will be no dharma left and ultimately all will perish

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Saammanasya Sooktham

Saammanasya Sooktham
Atharvavedam.. Chapter 3 Sooktham 33
This is the benediction Athrvan representing the supreme being is conferring on all of use human beings.. exhorting us to live in harmony.. 

This is similar to the Aikamatya Sooktham in the tenth mandalam of Rigvedam.. of course the wording and even tone her is different from rig vedam but the underlying idea is Saammanasyam or unity of purpose and unity in action..

सहृदयम् सांमनस्यमविद्वेषं कृणोमि वः।
अन्यो अन्यमभि हर्यन्त वत्सम् जातमिवध्न्या॥ १
अनुव्रतः पितुः पुत्रो मात्रो भवतु संमनाः।
जाया पत्ये मधुमतीम् वाचम् वदतु शान्तिवाम्॥२
मा भ्राता भ्रातरम् द्विक्षन्मा स्वसारमुत स्वसा।
सम्यञ्चः सव्रता भूत्वा वाचम् वचत भद्रया॥३
येन देवा न वियन्ति नो च विद्विषते मिथुः।
तत् कृण्मो ब्रह्म वो गृहे संज्ञानम् पुरुषेभ्यः॥४
ज्यायस्वन्तश्चित्तिनो मा वि यौष्ट संराध्यन्तः सधुराश्चरन्तः।
अन्यौ अन्यस्मै वल्गु वदन्त एत सध्रीचीनान् वः संमनसस्कृणोमि॥५
समानी प्रपा सह वोऽन्नभागः समानी योक्त्रे सह वो युनज्मि।
सम्यञ्जोऽगनि सपर्यतारा नाभिमिवाभितः॥६
सधीचीनान् वः संमनसस्कृणोम्येकश्नुष्ठीन्त्संवननेन सर्वान्।
देवा इवामृतम् रक्षमाणाः सायम्प्रातः सौमनसः वो अस्तु॥७
सांमनस्य सूक्तम् अथर्ववेदे अध्यायः ३ सूक्तम् ३०
अथर्व ऋषिः सांमनस्यो देवता अनुष्ठुप् जगती तृष्ठुप् च्छन्दांसि

sahṛdayam sāṁmanasyamavidveṣaṁ kṛṇomi vaḥ|
anyo anyamabhi haryanta vatsam jātamivadhnyā|| 1
anuvrataḥ pituḥ putro mātro bhavatu saṁmanāḥ|
jāyā patye madhumatīm vācam vadatu śāntivām||2
mā bhrātā bhrātaram dvikṣanmā svasāramuta svasā|
samyañcaḥ savratā bhūtvā vācam vacata bhadrayā||3
yena devā na viyanti no ca vidviṣate mithuḥ|
tat kṛṇmo brahma vo gṛhe saṁjñānam puruṣebhyaḥ||4
jyāyasvantaścittino mā vi yauṣṭa saṁrādhyantaḥ sadhurāścarantaḥ|
anyau anyasmai valgu vadanta eta sadhrīcīnān vaḥ saṁmanasaskṛṇomi||5
samānī prapā saha vo'nnabhāgaḥ samānī yoktre saha vo yunajmi|
samyañjo'gani saparyatārā nābhimivābhitaḥ||6
sadhīcīnān vaḥ saṁmanasaskṛṇomyekaśnuṣṭhīntsaṁvananena sarvān|
devā ivāmṛtam rakṣamāṇāḥ sāyamprātaḥ saumanasaḥ vo astu||7
sāṁmanasya sūktam atharvavede adhyāyaḥ 3 sūktam 30
atharva ṛṣiḥ sāṁmanasyo devatā anuṣṭhup jagatī tṛṣṭhup cchandāṁsi


1.You people who are indulging in mutual acrimony, just for your welfare I am proposing the remove all the issued which can generate adverse debate and enmity among you and would encourage you to indulge in activities with utmost unity of mind.. 
All of you must work in harmony and mutual love attached one another in the same way as the cows always love their calves..

2.May every son be in agreement with his father and obey him in all respects 
May the mother have identical thoughts like the son. 
May the wife always speak sweet words to the husband and may the relationship between husband and wife be peaceful

3.May there be no enmity among brothers.. 
May there be no enimity among sisters. 
May a brother be of the same mind and absolutely devoted to his brothers and may all of them engage in activities in mutual accord.. 
May they all speak in harmony.. 
May they all act in harmoy.

4. I am conferring on you the Sammanasyam or Unity of mind to you invoking the powers of the mantras which are enabling the gods in heaven exist without difference of opinion, and which are ever prompting them to remain without any enmity towards one another

5. May you all live in unity with identity of views and opinions, and be united in purposeful actions admitting the basic difference between individuals and at the same time acting together understanding and accommodating the differences, speaking to one another in the sweetest and most amiable words.
You human beings, please take note that when you are acting unitedly I am also working with you and supporting you in all your endeavours..

6.You humans, who are desirous of living with a lot of co operation and equality, may you partake in your food and drink together sharing them equally and fairly.. I bind you all with the noose of love. Just as the axis of a cart wheel depends for its functioning on its radial node at its centre, and the proper alignment at the centre alone can make the wheels roll on properly, may you all be having as your centre focus for guidance the Agni. And by the benevolence of that Agni may you all live in welfare..

7.I am blessing you all to remain as of common accord in all thoughts and actions with united hearts.
I am keeping you by this very same action, under a magical spell of mutual unity.
Just as the Gods in Heaven starting from Indra who guard the Amrutam or nectar there act in complete unison, may your minds too work in complete agreement and without discord in the mornings, evenings and all times.. May all your minds be beautiful..