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Friday, September 29, 2006

Religious tolerance

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am posting this with a great sense of urgency and apprehension. The other day I found in my mailbox some literature which was directed against a Religion other than Hinduism. Please be patient to understand my views on the matter. It is quite alright to be proud of our great heritage which is without any parallel in human history. But the hallmark of a Brahmin is tolerance. We are Protected by Brahmatejo Balam and not Kshaatra tendencies and lower approaches. Remember the battle between Vasishta and Viswamitra.
 Remember the concluding parts of Rigveda- Samgachadhwam, samvadhadhwam..etc., .(See the Aikamatya Sooktham.)

 Whosoever and wherever anybody pays respects to God in any way, the worship is accepted by Parmatma, Lord Krishna.

Let us view with respect our Muslim brethren doing Namaz five times a day extolling the glory of Allah(His name be praised always) or our Christian brothers taking part in their Holy Mass. They are also worshiping the same Almighty, whom we already call through thousands of names. 

If religious fanatics have perpetrated great injury to humanity in the name of Faith, it was because, and only because, they misinterpreted the Holy contents of their own great Religions. 

We may condemn such acts but we should not show disrespect to the other Faiths and the rights of our fellow human beings to follow their faiths. 

 Sarva Deva Namaskarah Kesavam Prathi Gacchathi. Remember what we chant at the beginning of every session of Gayathri Chanting. 

 Namo Brahmanya Devaya Goh Brahmana Hitaya Cha, Jagat hitaya KRISHNAYA Sri Govindaya Namo Namah. 

 This Krishna was not a Brahmin, He is only a cowherd boy when he took His human form. If we have to learn toleration we need turn to no one other than Lord Krishna since Samadarsitwam is writ large in the teachings of His Gita. 

 Let us be aggressive in furthering our religious and cultural values but there should not be any place for rancour.

Let maturity and tolerance prevail in our thoughts and action.
Fraternally yours KVA

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