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Friday, November 08, 2013

Dhruva sooktham..The Vedic Dream ... who should be our king.

Dhruva sooktham

Rigvedam Mandalam 10 sooktham 173 

आ त्वाहार्षमन्तरेधि ध्रुवस्तिष्ठाविचाचलिः ।विशस्त्वा सर्वा वाञ्छन्तु मा त्वद्राष्ट्रमधि भ्रशत् ॥१॥ इहैवैधि माप च्योष्ठाः पर्वत इवाविचाचलिः । इन्द्र इवेह ध्रुवस्तिष्ठेह राष्ट्रमु धारय ॥२॥ इममिन्द्रो अदीधरद्ध्रुवं ध्रुवेण हविषा । तस्मै सोमो अधि ब्रवत्तस्मा उ ब्रह्मणस्पतिः ॥३॥ ध्रुवा द्यौर्ध्रुवा पृथिवी ध्रुवासः पर्वता इमे । ध्रुवं विश्वमिदं जगद्ध्रुवो राजा विशामयम् ॥४॥ ध्रुवं ते राजा वरुणो ध्रुवं देवो बृहस्पतिः । ध्रुवं त इन्द्रश्चाग्निश्च राष्ट्रं धारयतां ध्रुवम् ॥५॥ ध्रुवं ध्रुवेण हविषाभि सोमं मृशामसि । अथो त इन्द्रः केवलीर्विशो बलिहृतस्करत् ॥६॥

Ā tvāhārṣamantarēdhi dhruvastiṣṭhāvicācaliḥ.
Viśastvā sarvā vāñchantu mā tvadrāṣṭramadhi bhraśat.1.
Ihaivaidhi māpa cyōṣṭhāḥ parvata ivāvicācaliḥ.
Indra ivēha dhruvastiṣṭhēha rāṣṭramu dhāraya.2.
Imamindrō adīdharad'dhruvaṁ dhruvēṇa haviṣā.
Tasmai sōmō adhi bravattasmā u brahmaṇaspatiḥ.3.
Dhruvā dyaurdhruvā pr̥thivī dhruvāsaḥ parvatā imē.
Dhruvaṁ viśvamidaṁ jagad'dhruvō rājā viśāmayam.4.
Dhruvaṁ tē rājā varuṇō dhruvaṁ dēvō br̥haspatiḥ.
Dhruvaṁ ta indraścāgniśca rāṣṭraṁ dhārayatāṁ dhruvam.5.
Dhruvaṁ dhruvēṇa haviṣābhi sōmaṁ mr̥śāmasi.

Athō ta indraḥ kēvalīrviśō balihr̥taskarat.6.

Dhruva sooktham.. Rigvedam Mandalam 10 sooktham 173 

This rigvedic Manthram comes as a benediction to the King of the land and also reflects the hopes expectations of the subjects ... a veritable Magna Carta of Vedic Wisdom.. 
1. Oh king, we have been blessed to have you as the rule of this nation. Keeping that in mind, become the true protector of all of us. May you be unflinching, unshakable and always stable and correct in all your activities and may you have your reign of righteousness on us, your subjects. May your conduct be in such that all of us, your subjects, would always yearn that you should be our king and may we adore you for ever. May we always desire, “let this king be our ruler for ever”. May this kingdom be in your eternal possession and may it never be taken away or be lost to you. May you never face any dethronement or suffer from any destabilization, and may you never lose the deep affection and goodwill of your subjects. 

2. Oh King, may you remain for ever the ruler of this kingdom. May there be no loss of status for you at any time. May there never be any deviation from the righteous path for you. May you remain faithful, determined and unshakable in your virtues—just like a mountain. May you rule over his kingdom with so much stability and welfare just as Indra rules over the heavenly kingdom. May you rule over your kingdom just like heaven. May you discharge you duties without deviating in any way from the path of righteousness. 

3. May you, our anointed king, be protected by Indra with eternal stability. May Soma protect you the king so anointed. May all of us, your subjects, talk possessively of you as if you are their most coveted possession. May Brahmanaspathi, the protector of all manthras which bind nature, protect you for our sake 
4. May the skies be unshakable and of even nature under your reign. May the earth be unshakable and evenly ever-yielding bounties alone during your reign. May all the mountains around here stay unshakable in shape and quality while you reign. May the peaceful and undisturbed state of the entire universe remain so during your righteous reign. And thus, you the king of ours be the undisputed, unconquered and unshakable leader of all of us. 

5. Oh King, may Lord Varuna keep your kingdom stable and undisturbed during your reign. May the ever bountiful Lord Brihaspathi keep your kingdom stable and peaceful during your reign. May the two most powerful gods Indra and Agni keep your kingdom stable and peaceful during your reign. 

6. May we offer our sincere and supreme oblations by way of cooked rice and ghee with unwavering care and devotion to Indra and the Gods. May be offer Soma juice with utmost care and devotion to the Gods led by Indra. May Indra and other Gods, having received our humble and devoted offerings, grant us supreme benefits and protection. 

(it is free translation.. generally following the Sayana Bhashyam) 

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