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Monday, August 11, 2014

Gayatri is Supreme

Gayatri is Supreme

ॐकारपूर्विकास्तिस्रः महाव्याहृतयस्तथा त्रिपदा चैव गायत्री विज्ञेया ब्रह्मणो मुखम् Iएतदक्षरमेताम् च जपन् व्याहृतिपूर्विकाम् संध्ययोर्वेद्विद्विप्रा वेदपुण्येन युज्यते II प्रणवे नित्ययुक्तस्य व्याहृतीषु च सप्तसु त्रिपदायाम् च गायत्र्याम् न भयम् विद्यते क्वचित् I परिहाप्यापि वेदाम्स्त्रीन् कर्माणि विविधानि च सावित्रीमात्रमाश्रित्य द्विजो भवति निर्भयः II

One has to realize the supreme truth that Gayatri with 
Omkaram(Om) in the beginning followed by the three Vyaahritis.. bhuur bhuvaH suvaH, and consisting of three paadams is the manifestation of the face of Brahmam itself.

The student of Vedas who chants Gayatri with Pranavam and the the Vyahritis during the Sandhyas.(.dawn and dusk), attains the benefits he could gain by chanting the entire Vedas.

For a persons who is engaged in the daily worship of Pranava (OM), the seven Vyahritis( bhu, bhuva, suva, maha, jana, tapa, satyam) and the Gayatri mantras itself, no fear can ever arise in life..

Even when one(a twi ce-born) is prevented from learning and chanting the three Vedas (Rg, Yajus, Sama), and who could not perform the various rites prescribed by Sastras, and he is chanting Savitri or Gayatri alone with steadfast devotion, all his fears would be removed.

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