pachai maamalai pol mene

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

musings 35

To maintain our physical body in all its strength and verve, we consume food, and do various exercises and expose the body to sunlight etc.. 
We consume carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, water and so on.. 
Such nutrients are derived from various sources in nature or some are even synthezised..
But utlimately, it is not the Carbohydrate or protein or Vitamin or Sunlight that manifest as our body or its activities.. 
The materials and nutrients are given as inputs or fuels and some process in the body, just converts these into the building and maintenance materials needed for the body..
So if we surround ourselves with gunnybags of rice or wheat or kilolitres of milk or keep our body inside a well, our body is not going to grow..
We have to cook or process and eat or drink and the body should process the material consumed.. and for that the vital force.. may be the Divine force in necessary.. 

Similarly we gather a lot of information and knowledge from books, from the talks and opinions of others and through media outpours.. 
We have to understand that all this is just crude raw material for the consumption and processing by our mind.. and the thinking structure built in our body..
What we imbibe or understand is just what the mind and brain processes or infers through functionals and sensory orgnas.. 
Eating a few pages of a book or swallowing a tabala or nadaswaram will not make us enjoy a novel or a piece of music..

So, ultimiately the vital force inside ourselves is our master..
And we should always keep our mastery over external influences by properly channelling our own physical and mental networks..

The controller of these networks, the one who supplies the correct power and oil to run these is perhaps an unseen force.. Maybe it is God.. 
it is not at all difficult to trust and depend on that God..
But instead, if we trust gunny bags, empty drums and gas balloons, who can save us?

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