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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

karuNa ceyvAn entu tAmasam

karuNa ceyvAn entu tAmasam

iriyamman tampi krti

yadukula kAmbooji (shrI) tALam cApu


karuNa ceyvAn entu tAmasam krShNA
kazhalinE kai tozhunnEn


sharaNAgatanmArkkiShTa varadAnam ceytu cemmE
guruvAyUr puram tannil maruvumakhila durita haraNa bhagavan$


gurutara bhavasindhau duritasa~ncayamAkum
tiratannil muzhukunna naragatikkavalambam
marakata maNivaNNan hari tannE ennum tava
carita varNNanaN^N^aLil sakala munikaL paravatarivanadhunA

Why the delay in showing kindness, Lord Krishna,
I worship your feet with my folded palms.

Granting the desires of devotees who seek asylum in you,
You rest in Guruvayoor, oh Lord, remover of all sorrows.

Your chaste feet, lovingly caressed by the Lotus Maiden,
Whether I serve them with reverence from near
Or think of serving them from afar
To you, Whose greatness fills the universe,
This is a matter of indifference.

I have learned from the Sages who have extolled your exploits
That you, Hari, emerald like handsome Lord,
Are the refuge for the teeming humanity
Who live on the surf of the great ocean of suffering called life.

I see you in my heart, handsome as Cupid,
Your hair adorned with peacock feathers,
Your glances, a mixture of compassion and smile
Your chest showing Kousthabham and garlands of wild flowers
Your ankles adorned with jingling golden anklets.

Creator and protector of the worlds
Lord Padmanabha, who resides in Guruvayoor,
May it please you, without delay, with compassion,
To remove my illnesses like rheumatism
And bless me with health and prosperity.

Krishna, my Krishna, you have never delayed in extending your helping hand to anybody who prays to you with devotion. You gave clothes to save the dignity of Draupadi. You saved Gajendra and Arjuna. You went back on your promises to make the words of your devotee Bheeshma true. You have listened and responded to the affectionate calls of matha Yasodha, the cowherds of Brindavan and the yogis all over the Universe, In utter agony, I am calling you. Why are you late. If you delay any further, I will be left helpless. Please ignore the queue and come to my, my Krishna.

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  1. this is one of my favourite malayalam songs... simply love it... once i heard it on tv, guruvayurappan manifest in front of me.... such a wonderful experience.. thank you mama for putting this up here. btw, i am hridya from orkut, PI. good luck and wish to read more blogs from you. namaskarams.