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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Have care for the mother

आस्तां तावद्देयम् प्रसूति समये दुर्वार शूल व्यथा
नैरुच्यं तनु शोषणं मलमयी शय्या च सांवसरी
एकस्याऽपि न गर्भभारभरणक्लेशस्य यस्य क्षमो
दातुं निष्कृतिमुन्नतोपि तनयः तस्यै जनन्यै नमः॥१॥
गुरुकुलमुपशृत्य स्वप्नकाले तु दृष्ट्वा
यति समुचित वेषं प्रारुदो मां त्वमुच्चैः
गुरुकुलमथ सर्वा प्रारुदाते समक्षं
सपदि चरणयोस्ते मातुरस्तु प्रणामाः॥२॥
अंबेति तातेति शिवेति तस्मिन्
प्रसूतिकाले यदवोच उचैः
कृष्णेति गोविन्द हरेमुकुन्देति
अहो जनन्यै रचितोयमञ्जलिः।३॥
न दत्तं मातस्ते मरणसमये तोयमपि या
स्वादा या नो देया मनणदिवसे श्राद्ध विधिना
न जप्तो मातस्ते मरण समये तारकमनु
अकाले संप्राप्ते मयि कुरु दयां मातरतुलां॥४॥
मुक्तामणिस्त्वं  नयनं ममेति
राजेति जीवेति चिरं स्तुता त्वं
इत्युक्तवत्या तव वाचि मात
ददाम्यहम् तण्डुलमेष शुल्कं॥५॥
āstāṁ tāvaddeyam prasūti samaye durvāra śūla vyathā
nairucyaṁ tanu śoṣaṇaṁ malamayī śayyā ca sāṁvasarī
ekasyā'pi na garbhabhārabharaṇakleśasya yasya kṣamo
dātuṁ niṣkṛtimunnatopi tanayaḥ tasyai jananyai namaḥ ||1||
gurukulamupaśṛtya svapnakāle tu dṛṣṭvā
yati samucita veṣaṁ prārudo māṁ tvamuccaiḥ
gurukulamatha sarvā prārudāte samakṣaṁ
sapadi caraṇayoste māturastu praṇāmāḥ||2||
aṁbeti tāteti śiveti tasmin
prasūtikāle yadavoca ucaiḥ
kṛṣṇeti govinda haremukundeti
aho jananyai racitoyamañjaliḥ|3||
na dattaṁ mātaste maraṇasamaye toyamapi yā
svādā yā no deyā manaṇadivase śrāddha vidhinā
na japto mātaste maraṇa samaye tārakamanu
akāle saṁprāpte mayi kuru dayāṁ mātaratulāṁ||4||
muktāmaṇistvaṁ  nayanaṁ mameti
rājeti jīveti ciraṁ stutā tvaṁ
ityuktavatyā tava vāci māta
dadāmyaham taṇḍulameṣa śulkaṁ||5||
Maathrupanchakam by Shankara Bhagavatpaada

This is a heartrending sob emanating from the mundane heart of the greatest ever recluse  and propouder of advaita philosophy  which considers everything in the apparent world as myth and unreal.  Sankara has written great treatises and many stotras of Gods are attributed to Him.  But in this quintet  he praised no God, and propounds no philosophy.  Simply a tribute of tears to His mother who left her mortal coils in his absence and he could reach her only to see her dead body. 
This cry would reverberate all  over the Universe.  For the believer or non-believer,  for the theist or atheist, for the the genius or the nitwit, for the rich or the poor, the mother, the biological mother who gave birth to him is the eternal presence of Divinity.  There can never be any compensation or repayment for what our mother has done to us.  There is no pain more intense than what the mother suffers when we eject ourselves out of her body.  Has she ever hated us for giving her such pain?

"My mother, how can one describe the pain you suffered as I was extricating myself out of your uterus..And how can I thank you for sharing my bed for one year after I was born, my function being just to drain you of your blood by sucking your breast dry, and make the surrounding dirty by urine, vomit and other discharges. Feeding me and not finding time for fending for yourself and having lost all appetite, you became weak and emaciated but you never allowed me to suffer.., And now however big and great I am how can I give back anything for such sacrifice without equal?   1

You sent me to the abode of the teacher to get me educated, but the only thing that existed in your thought and spirit was me.  You had nightmares seeing  me in dreams  in the ochre clothes of an ascetic and to reassure yourself that nothing like that has happened you ran to the Gurukula barefooted, wailing all the way, and on seeing me there with my fellow students, you again let out wails of rapture and misery put together and the whole gurukula wept with you.   What can I do for you now other than prostrate on the barren road you traversed for me again and again?  2

You were crying out with unbearable pain, oh my father, oh my mother, of Lord Shiva, as you were giving birth to me.. Now chanting the names of  Krishna, Govinda, Mukunda  and Hari,  I am making my final obeisance to you. 3

I did not have the fortune of  pouring sacred waters on your mouth while your life was departing,  I have nothing to offer as tasty food and other presents on the date of death according to the rules of Sraadhdha,(I am a penniless  mendicant), I was not present to chant the Taraka mantram (Rama Nama) at your ears while your vital energies were departing,  and finally I have come before you after everything is over,  my dear dear mother, have your  infinite  mercy on me. 4

With all the affection that only a mother can have  you addressed me   ever and ever   as your precious gem, your eyes, your prince, your life.  and now on that affectionate mouth I am offering a handful of rice as the price for everything.  5

Those who have lost the mother will feel the incessant ache for ever.  My appeal to those who are lucky to have their mothers is.. Have care for the mother.
Nothing is more precious for a living being than its mother.


  1. what to write or comment ..mother without her what are we nothing..mathrudevo bhava.. start day with the blessing of her remembering her ...

  2. Thanks for sharing this. No words left to say more.