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Sunday, February 19, 2012

how many blunders people can commit?

How many blunders people can commit?

Daksha prajapati had many daughters, various puranaas and itihaasaas put the number between fifty and sixty. The birth of daughters was also at phased intervals. We know he gave the stars as wives to the Moon. Sati, the Dakshayani, became the wife of Lord Shiva. At one stage Daksha had two beautiful daughters, Vinatha and Kadru. Though uterine sisters, they were jealous of one another all the time. Both were in due course given in marriage to Kashyapa. The sage was infatuated by the beauty of both. Both were offered boons. Kadru wanted a thousand sons who were very valorous and potently poisonous and could conquer the world. Vinatha in turn wanted two sons, who were greater in strength that the sons of Kadru. That boon was also granted. After impregnating both the ladies, Kashyapa went to forest for penance. In time Kadru delivered one thousand eggs which were entrusted to her servants to be kept in safe receptacles till the eggs hatched. Vinatha also delivered two eggs, which were also kept in safe containers. The sisters waited, and at the end of five hundred years, the Kadru's eggs gave out thousand beautiful long snakes all full of verve and venom. Vinatha was watching this. Her eggs remained static.
Exasperated and moved by jealousy she ordered one of the eggs to be broken. Tragedy stuck. She found one great bird of great beauty but having grown only the upper limbs of the body, ejected out of the egg. The child was miserable, maimed and crippled for the whole of life. He was called Aruna. He could not forgive her mother for having landed him up in such a miserable condition. He cursed her that for the sin of breaking the foetus prematurely, she would suffer servitude at the hands of her wicked sister Kadru and her thousand venomous sons. He also warned her that she should not attempt the same folly with the second egg. He also gave the happy message that the second egg will hatch in another five hundred years and one of the greatest conquerors of the world, Garuda was to be born then. Garuda would be capable of releasing her servitude and will in time become the king of birds, and equal in valour to Indra and become a beloved of Vishnu.
Even in this short scenario of events we get a fair idea as to how many blunders people can commit. Kadru was an ambitious and wicked lady. She wanted thousand pro-genies as poisonous snakes. Where could have the poison come? Kashyapa was a mild recluse. No poison there. Only Kadru could have supplied so much of venom. Her venomous nature would be revealed later. The birth of the thousand snakes was the start of regime of poisoning in the earth. 
Jealousy did Vinatha in . Once she saw the snakes snuggling in the laps of her sister Vinathas jealousy reached its peak. She did not hesitate to break an egg of hers which would have killed the child altogether. It was only chance that the foetus had some life and later on he became the charioteer of the Sungod(Aruna). Think of the damage done. Had the bird grown to its full strength he would have exceeded even Garuda in Valour. In fact Garuda was only the second best to Aruna. The breaking of the egg was utter folly on the part of Vinatha, and she got a curse from the maimed son also. This is a lesson that thoughtless action can result in irreparable loss and create innocent victims. What has Vinatha say to her maimed son..? Contemporary females also sometimes attempt at taking medication to terminate a pregnancy of an unwanted or untimely child. But this crime was against a very much wanted progeny who would have been the conqueror of the world..
The funny idea of Kashyapa getting infatuated with these females and granting them whatever they wished, and then just adjourning to a forest washing off his hands from everything is another act of irresponsibility. 
The story will progress….

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