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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lord's chosen one

Now Vinatha had learnt her lesson for life. But what a price she had paid! When the thousand years of life inside the shell of the egg was complete, the illustrious Vainateya, the Garuda was born. The whole divinity rejoiced and exhibited signs of the coming glory by their rejoicing. The little bird looked like another fire. I meant little only in age. He was a giant in size even at birth. He was born to be another Indra, the Indra of the birds. When Aanjaneya was born as the son of the airgod, he was compared to the Sun in glory. Garuda is praised as another agni. He was but a slave the moment he was born, because the mother was the slave of his aunt Kadru. He received taunts and humiliation from his cousins right from the moment he was born. But this only redoubled his valour . He learnt from Vinatha about their slavery and the curse of his brother Aruna and the latter's prediction that the young Garuda was born to release his mother from slavery. The huge bird was always in hunger and his greatest desire was to eat up all the snake cousins. This appetite of Garuda continues for ever. He got educated and became erudite in all Vedas and Sastras. He wanted to negotiate the release of his mother and himself from the wily aunt Kadru and her venomous sons. After hard negotiation it was agreed that if Garuda could bring the pot of Amrutham which was kept under great security by Gods to the Auntie and her long sons, they would free the bird and his mother from slavery. The brave Garutman agreed at once to bring te amrutham and set out on his task immediately. 

During his flight the first person he met was Lord Mahavishnu. In his raw youth, the bird could not recognize the greatness of the master of the world. Impulsive as he was, the bird challenged the Lord for a fight. The eternal Lord of the world knew the greatness of this bird and He was sure that this great being was not destined to perish fighting Lord Narayana himself. So the lord faked admission of defeat before the valour of Garuda. Immediately Garuda had the temerity to demand of Vishnu that Garuda should be stationed always at a loftier place than Bhagavan himself. The lord in his eternal mercy, granted Garutman the status of the insignia of the Divine flagstaff. By this time the bird started to understand who the great soul was and volunteered himself to be the mount , carrier and Servant of the Master of the whole Universe. 

There is one story that Garuda demanded war with the Lord and when the Lord surrendered without fight, he ordered the lord to take a boon from Garuda. And the merciful lord begged of Garuda to become his mount and also icon in his flagstaff. 

Whatever may be the story, Garuda, became the intimate friend, servant and mount of Lord Vishnu. This added glory to himself and the Lord. 

Garuda 's term of service with Lord Narayana would begin after his mission of capturing amrita was accomplished. A lot of exploits followed in the process. The story will continue.

Here we have to understand how merciful Lord Narayana is. The little bird challenged him for a fight. Whatever may be the credentials of Garuda, can he ever stand in comparison with Lord Govinda, Damodhara, and Madhava.. But the young talent was spotted by the Lord in his eternal Grace, and somehow the youngster was tamed to become the most faithful devotee of Narayana. Yes, when the Lord wants to have someone for Himself, he will not hesitate to attract that person to his charismatic circle by any means. 

The story will continue….

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