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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Analogy between thought process and data on a disk

The basic idea in deleting a data is only removing its header address.Unless and until a new data is taking over the incapacitated area, the old data remains there sleeping. Then the individuals receptacles that keep the zero and one signals are too accommodating and make the first set of data quiescent and another set of data which is having address and is recognizable becomes prominent. It is only because such units have sufficient space where some sort of cell is charged with a small unit or electricity or is kept not charged. So the medium is already there. The charging or discharging of the elements of the disk only takes place. and the electron is infinitesimally small so also the positive charged particle. When the disc is formatted a huge surge of current makes the entire disc blank. Even this can be done by going through the process about 19 times. So the memory signals actually go nowhere. They are just siiting in the background. If the thought process is retrieved through some means the whole thing comes back again. The deleted data does never vanish fully. The sum and substance of this analogy is that one thought, once created does not die away.. It is only living concealed. That is why we use mantras with auto suggestion, like Gayatri. To force in positive thoughts. While describing about the spontaneous study process of child Uma parvathi in the house of Himavan, Kalidasa said..
 तां हंसमालाः शरदीव गङ्गां
महौषधीं नक्तमिवात्मभासः।
प्रपेदिरे प्राक्तनजन्मविद्याः॥
काळिदासः कुमारसंभवे

Taam Hamsamaalaa shardeevaa gangaam,
 mahaushadiim nakthamivaatmabhaasaH, 
 sthiropadesaam upadeshakaale prapedirre 
praakthana janmavidhyaaH.. 
for her, like the crowd of swans reaching ganga spontaneously in the sharat season, like inherest glow visiting the herbs at night, when she was advised, the knowledge and education of earlier life (of Dakshayani Sati) came back spontaneously. Such comeback was caused by the fact that originall thoughts never fade away, unless erased through sterile means.

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