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Monday, January 28, 2013

सत्यं विधातुं निज-भृत्य भाषितं

सत्यं विधातुं निज-भृत्य भाषितं 

व्याप्तिं च भूतेष्वखिलेषु चात्मनः | 

अदृश्यतात्यद्भुत रूपं उद्वहन् 

स्तम्भे सभायां न मृगं न मानुषं || - श्रीमद्भागवतं 

satyam vidhaatum nija bhrutya bhaashitam

vyaaptim ch bhooteshwakhileshu chaatmanaH

adhrushyataatbhuta roopamudhwahan

stambhe sabhaayaa na mrugam na maanusham.. 


This is how Bhagavan Vyasa Describes the 

manifestation of Krishna the Narasimha in the palace 

of Hiranyakashipu when a pillar was shattered by a hit 

of the demon..Utterly paranoid about the presence of 

Narayana, Hiranyakashipu asks his Son, the child 

Prahlada, whether the latter's Hari would be present 

in the pillar. And yes, the Lord, ever eager to endorse 

the words of His staunch devotee, was present in the 

pillar and sprang out in a fierce form which was 

neither that of a man nor that of a beast.. 

"To make true the words of His beloved servant 

(Prahlada), and to prove to all that He was manifest 

everywhere, in all space, there appeared in the pillar 

of the hall of Hiranyakashipu, His form which was at 

the same awesome and wonderful, it was neither 

human, nor of animal."

Basically, human life is all about keeping one's own 

promises. and living up to one's own faith.. 

And Krishna by this wonderful act, has promised that 

He will help His devotee to any extent in keeping such 

ardent faith..

I love you Krishna

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