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Saturday, February 02, 2013

that wonderful child...

दोर्भ्यां दोर्भ्यां व्रजन्तं व्रजसदन जनाह्वानतः प्रोल्लसन्तं
मन्दं मन्दं हसन्तं मधुर मधुर वचो मेति मेति ब्रुवन्तं /
गोपाली पाणि ताली तरळित वलय ध्वानमुग्धान्तराळं
वन्दे तं देवमिन्दीवर विमलदळ श्यामळं नंदबालं //

Dorbhyaam dorbhyaam vrajantam vrajasadanajannhallanathaH prollasantham
mandam mandam hasantam madhura madhuram vacho methi methi bruvantam
goaalee paani thaalee tharalitha valaya dhwaanamughdhaantaraalam
vande tam devamindeevara vimaladala shyaamalam nandabaalam

I offer my pranams to the God who is also the son of
Nanda ... the child who crawls on both hands from one
house of the gopa to the next... being pleased with
the affectionate calls of the occupants of the
smiling softly and calling ma, ma (mother, mother) in
sweetest tone,
whose heart is ecstatic in response to
gentle claps of the palms of the gopiis with arms
artistically rounded,
who is having the pleasant dark hue of the petals of
blue lotus.
May that black urchin brighten our lives

I love you Krishna

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