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Monday, December 23, 2013

my two pennies on books

I happened to see that a huge pile of books.. say, some three hundred volumes, just arranged in the shape of a Christmas Tree.

Indeed, sight of books encourage noble thoughts to gush forth from ones enlightened mind. This is the share of my own extremely elite wisdom..

" Books are sometimes used for really odd purposes..

They used to discuss about the wise answer a Christian priest got when he asked a  pious lady from his parish..

" Do you know what is there inside the bible?' 

and she promptly replied. 

" Father, do you think I am such a fool not to know that?. I kept the electricity bill and a letter received from my daughter there yesterday.. And, sometimes when I have to keep some small sums without being stolen by others in the house , I keep them there, because no one would open and see it ever.."

It was a fashion among people to construct built- in bookshelves.. like the posh bungalows.. The trick there is that they simply purchase the covers of hard-board and leather bindings with title of classics engraved/embossed in Gold and fix them in the shelves and close the shelves with glasses permanently, without any chance of the shelf ever being opened..

Yes, books have really very worthy purposes.. One can even use moderately weighty volumes as weapons to hit the spouse and /or the enemy in a war.. 

Unused volumes really are very philanthropic by nature . Sooner or later they are consumed as food by moths and insects.. and only the outer bound covers are left out.. 

Food for thought being converted to food for vermin.

Books are real companions for many for a full lifetime, and even for generations for a lifetime.. being used for myriads of purposes. deputizing for pillows, seats, hand/foot-rests... and reading usually hardly ever comes in the list of priorities for the proud owner of the volumes..

The ingenuity of the present generation is indeed worth emulation.. Even Jesus or His followers of the first few generation would not have thought of such a great use for Books.. 

And I am sure, if someone ever manages to read even a few pages out of such huge stack it would make a real difference for himself and many others...,

Indeed when they said about Mahabharatham that 

" Whatever is inside this will be there in other places but what is not here will not be found elsewhere".

I think they meant the printed version of Bharatham."

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