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Saturday, December 28, 2013

sense and nonsence

बालसखित्वमकारणहास्यं स्त्रीषु विवादमसज्जन सेवा

गार्द्दभयानमसंस्कृत वाणी षट्सुतरां लघुतामुपयाति॥

सुभाषितशतकत्रये १८९

bālasakhitvamakāraṇahāsyaṁ strīṣu vivādamasajjana sevā

gārddabhayānamasaṁskṛta vāṇī ṣatsutarāṁ laghutāmupayāti ||

subhāṣitaśatakatraye 189

ബാലസഖിത്വം അകാരണഹാസ്യം സ്ത്രീഷു വിവാദം അസജ്ജനസേവാ 

ഗര്‍ദ്ദഭയാനം അസംസ്കൃത വാണീ ഷട്ട്സുതരാം ലഘുതാം ഉപയാതി 

An interesting list of activities which can make even the brightest and the noblest of the persons look like complete idiots or morons.. the activities are:-

1. Playing with boys of very small age and aping their activities.

2. Laughing without proper reason, or cracking jokes out of place

3. Argument with feamales

4. Being in the service of cruel people

5.Travelling atop a donkey

6. Using very foul language.

Invariably the six qualities can make anyone a funny and pathetic piece of human wreck.

When a grown up man plays with boys.. and this many do, sometimes to show off, we see middle aged fellows trying to play cricket with small boys..sometimes the ball hits them in the wrong places and that end up in agony for themselves, sometimes one of the boys is hit, and a big army of mothers shout at the fellow in the worst vocabulary only they can possess..

Some people just crack rotten jokes, just to show off, and all except the one who made the joke can understand the results ..

Arguments with females.. this point needs no elaboration

Doing service to a bad employer can make our live the meanest toil, and insult to ourselves.

Travelling atop a donkey has many benefits. The donkey can vary its speed at will.. It can entertain the rider with its sweet songs. The children in the street will be invariably ready with stones to encourage the locomotion. Some even many manage to tie some empty tin with a few stones to the tail of the donkey, so that the sound of rumbling stone will be an excellent propeller as well as a nice accompaniment for the musical performances of the donkey

Even decent fellows, when in a crowd, revel in using bawdy or foul language, especially when they could site female presence in the vicinity.. They think they are the heroes, but others know such fellows are  zeroes.. 

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