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Friday, January 03, 2014

Indeed... very smart

There was a couple, a merchant and his wife. And there was a domestic male servant .The merchant's world revolved round his business.. The wife, presumably young..And was subject to all human desires. Something developed between the servant and the mistress of the house. Things developed in such a way that when the merchant just happened to visit his home to take some cash or so, he discovered that his wife was kissing the servant...

When the presence of the lord of the house was noted, the lady cried out..
" This scoundrel is also a thief.. When I went to the pooja room, I found that some camphor was missing. I had a gut feeling of such shortage of camphor even earlier, but today I was almost sure that this servant was eating the camphor. So I was just smelling his lips... And I am sure his mouth smells of camphor..Now you can do whatever you want with the fellow.."

The servant was all indignation to hear this.. " I am not a thief, and I have not 
eaten the camphor from your pooja room.. In fact, I am taking some lehyam(some medicine in gelatinous form) every day and it gives the smell of camphor. The mistress here is very suspicious. This is not the first time that she has tested my mouth for camphor.. I am insulted indeed that she has done that in the presence of the master today.. So I am leaving your services and leaving this home immediately"

The Lord of the house was shocked.. It was indeed very difficult to find a man-servant for the wages he was paying. The very thought that if a new servant was to be found, more wages will have to be paid, sent shock waves through the mind of the wily businessman."

He told the servant," Do not worry about what this foolish lady says. I am sure you have not stolen camphor from my house.. My good fellow, you simply continue to work here. Never even think of leaving the job"

(A story adapted from Hitopadesham...)

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