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Sunday, February 02, 2014

evil eyes..

भारतः पञ्चमो वेदः जामाता दशमो ग्रहः 

BhaarataH panchamo vedaH, jaamaataa dashamo grahaH

Mahabharatham is an encyclopedic storehouse of all knowledge.. So the scholars are unanimous in classifying the epic in the august company of the four great Vedas. 

But a second and rather impish tag is added to this eminent saying.

The son in law is the tenth planet..

We know the parents of female children go through a lot of physical, mental and material turmoil as the child is to be joined in marriage with a suitable groom. First they circulate and compare horoscopes, and in this process, they are left to the vagaries of the nine planets.. even the best matches in India are denied just because the positioning of a planet in a horoscope is not considered auspicious.. 

This is the conditions before the child is married off. The nine planets may be benevolent of malevolent at times.. Opinions may vary among astrologers on this issue. 

But once the marriage is over, a fresh planet, never benevolent, appears in the firmament for the parents of a girl.. This is called the son-in-law.. 

The nine planets are capable of being pacified even from the worst moods through pariharams and all ..

But the son in law is never pleased..

Hopefully the situation is changing with girls becoming more educated and articulate.. But old habits do not disappear easily..

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