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Monday, July 21, 2014

simple love

simple love

यस्य त्वया व्रणविरोद्पणमिङ्गुदीनां

तैलं न्यषिच्यत मुखे कुशसूचिविद्दे।
श्यामाकमुष्ठिपरिवर्द्धितको जहाति
सोऽयम् न पुत्रकृतकः पदवीं मृगस्ते।

कालिदासमहाकवेः शाकुन्तले चतुर्थात् अङ्गात्

yasya tvayā vraṇavirodpaṇamiṅgudīnāṁ

tailaṁ nyaṣicyata mukhe kuśasūcividde|
śyāmākamuṣṭhiparivarddhitako jahāti
so'yam na putrakṛtakaḥ padavīṁ mṛgaste|

kālidāsamahākaveḥ śākuntale caturthāt aṅgāt
This is from a scene in abhijnaanashaakuntalam of Kalidasa..

Shakuntala and the hermitage of Kanva are preparing themselves for the inevitable departure of the pregnant Shakuntala to the palace of her husband Dushyanta..

The sage Kanva, the recluse foster father of the young girl could not help shedding tears of separations..

All inmates also silently bid her a tearful farewell..

Even the animals and plants of the hermitage could not brook the idea of this lovely girl leaving them..

A young deer, just stands before her blocking her way..

Kanva says
"Look at  this young deer who is refusing to move away from your path and let you depart..
When this young one got its lips injured through sharp darbha grasses while grazing, you would tend the injuries by smearing oil of ingudi with your soothing hands over the injuries.. Throughout this young one’s life, you would always feed him with green tender ears of Shyamak grass, and he has grown up eating that alone.. He was just like a son to you. How can he let you go?”
Kalidasas poignant depiction of love among all beings.. and especially those who live in the company of pristince nature in all innocence.. should send a great message.

We hardly love anyone to day…
We hardly care for plants and animals..
We can see the plants and animals only as source of food, nothing more..
This is the reason why there is only one Shakuntala, and there is only one Kalidasa

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