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Sunday, July 27, 2014

to be present in the present

गते शोको न कर्तव्यः भविष्यं नैव चिन्तयेत्।
वर्तमानेन कालेन वर्तयन्ति विचक्षणाः॥
gate śoko na kartavyaḥ bhaviṣyaṁ naiva cintayet|
vartamānena kālena vartayanti vicakṣaṇāḥ||

ഗതേ ശോകോ ന കര്ത്തവ്യഃ ഭവിഷ്യം നൈവ ചിന്തയേത്
വര്ത്തമാനേന കാലേന വര്ത്തയന്തി വിചക്ഷണാ:

One should not grieve on what has already happened in the past.. 
One need not be excessively worried about what is in store in future.
The intelligent and successful people live in the present moment

This does not in anyway mean that one should simply forget all that is past, nor that he should not learn lessons from the past.. 

But obsessive brooding over what has happened just to stay in complete misery for oneself and for all persons around him should be given up.

Likewise anxiety or worry for the future should be avoided but this does not be understood to imply that proper planning and care for a reasonably secure continuum in life should be ignored..

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