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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

contrast makes things brighter

I was reading from Aurobindo.. 
The sage is a very practical and Independent thinker who would never subscribe to any spiritual rules without first analysing the issue threadbare.. 
He was saying in one of his treatises that ultimately the real nature of the world and its constituents is something, some unknown, but eminently knowable mean or central point exactly between Materialism on one side and Spiritualism on a diametrically opposite point.. 
If a person is to make an attempt at knowing that unknown but knowable core, he could sneak into the centre and look for it.. but then even though the sneaking in may not be much difficult, he would not know that knowable in the proper sense..

But a person who traverses the extremes of spiritualism, and also the extremes of materialism would finally reach the golden mean through trials,, and even errors..

The rough edges of that person would be rounded by the hits he receives from materialism as well as spiritualism, as he oscillates, and gradually the oscillation attenuates and he stops at the right place.

Judging by this logic, Vishada is definitely a nice trigger or indirectly a facilitator for the bliss to take the central stage.
One poet said.. One's realization will be valued in its proper perspective only if a lot of grief and toil goes into achieving the bliss, It is like the ecstasy of a person who is mired in darkness is provided with the sudden brightness of a lamp..
सुखं हि दुखान्यनुभूय शोभते घनान्धकारेषु इव दीपदर्शनम्

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