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Friday, January 02, 2015

new year musings

A very empathetic message of new year quoted by a good friend made be respond with a tinge of sadness..
I wrote like this.. and perhaps it is my response to the new year too.

A very nice summing up, an ideal wish-list of good-will for the nubile year ready to be born..
The great man has seen eighty or more new years...

I have seen now a score of new years less..
Maybe there were some occasions to celebrate afresh, or may be there were some losses to mourn in the leaving year for almost every one of my friends in their individual or family life , and the same may be expected in the year to be ushered in ..
After all life is a balance-sheet which reflects pleasures and pains critically tallied..

But if we look at the way we human beings as a class are moving ahead, more and more reasons for being anxious, worried or even feeling desperate and helpless, are appearing and our wish-list as a society does not hold many happy entries..

Jealousy, Intolerance, lack of empathy, eagerness to cut or demolish our fellow beings with nasty tongue or deadly weapons, punishing all including innocents for some minor fault or no fault at all on the part of a few, or killing for ideology.. all this is craziness.. and the craziness is getting stronger and its growth is exponential..

I have mental reservations to wish anyone a Happy New year..

Still I do hope Krishna will bless all and correct the wrongs..

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