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Sunday, February 08, 2015

bright light after darkness

true, we enjoy nice things as even nicer when we have had occasion to come in contact with ugly things...
सुखं हि दुखानि अनुभूय शोभते घनान्धकारेषु इव दीप दर्शनं

sukham hi duhkaanyanubhooya shobathey ghanaandakaareshu iva deepadarshanam..
. this is a quote from Mrichchakatikam.. the famous Sanskrit Drama of Poet Shoodraka... 
"pleasures and comforts in life look very bright and excessively blissful, when we attain those after suffering a lot of sorrow.. It is like seeing the bright wick of a lamp suddenly after getting mired in pitch darkness... "

But my point is, even though some darkness may be of some use to us, we need not seek out darkness just to find greater pleasure in brightness..

If our complexion is black.. I am blessed with that, and I use some talcum powder to look fair, it is okay.. 
But a person with fair complexion need not smear his face with soot and then wash it off to prove that he is having a reddish complexion..

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