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Sunday, February 08, 2015

measure of success.

But I wonder what is the exact measure of success...

Ultimately, if I can convince myself at the end of the day that it was not wasted, I can say I was successful.. But after all the show of mirth and boisterousness, if I am retiring to bed in the night with a feeling of emptiness, I am unsuccessful..

And about talent... I have to state that the feeling of fulfillment will visit us after satisfying many factors, and talent can play only a minor role or even no role at all in the process..

If a dog wanders all the day, even limping and sick, and finally it manages to eat some muck and could yell in satisfaction, its day is made.. But if the same dogs keeps vigil as a sentry to its master all day long, and for some silly reason it is kicked by its master then its day is completely lost.. 
Where does talent come in here? And are we much better that that dog?

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