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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Babus and Dakoos or Dakoos and Babus?

Babus and Dakoos or Dakoos and Babus?

चोरराजपुरुषेभ्यो वित्तम् रक्षेत्॥५५६॥
corarājapuruṣebhyo vittam rakṣet||556||
ചോരരാജപുരുഷേഭ്യോ വിത്തം രക്ഷേത് 
ചാണക്യസൂത്രം ൫൫൬

A very realistic finding by the most shewd political scientist, philosopher and administrator.. He has written the Sootras as rules to be followed by an efficient head of a state or a king..

The king should diligently protect the wealth of the state from thieves and the servants of the government too..

One can understand that thieves and burglars operate in divesting the state and the subjects of their hard earned money and wealth.. it is crime in the eyes of the people and the king and it is the profession of the thief.. The king is expected to protect the wealth from such burglars, and also should put down the criminals with a heavy hand..

Okay, the statesman did not stop there.. 
He is aware that those people who have landed up in the service of the State or the King, have great desire and greater cunning to appropriate for themselves whatever wealth they could handle and dispose of as representatives or operatives of the state or the employees of the king..

Chanakya expects that the authority in power should deal with his own employees with the same alacrity that he would apply while dealing with thieves and burglars..

Perhaps, babus and dakus were practically same in the opinions of Chanakya..

But, the realism being exuded by the sage is eminently logical..
He knew that the thieves required a lot of care and caution to loot.. 
But usually the state funds are open for the functionaries and employees of the government for misappropriation if the Ruler is not diligent.

Chanakya must have been the one who would have ordered setting up of a Vigilance directorate and a Vigilance commission..

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