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Saturday, May 30, 2015

in power, out of power...

For a person in power, especially when the balance of power tilts either in his favour or against him, it can be quite challenging to maintain the golden balance and have his foot firm on the correct line of control.. 
And the line gets redrawn willy nilly with time, with changes in himself as also in people around him..

The precise mindset is vital..

However, the greatest danger is that either sycophants or even well meaning colleagues and subordinates just form a sort of wall between the man in power and the stark realities outside and he is lulled into a comfort zone which can be unreal or exaggerated.. 
The wall gets taller as the power of the boss escalates.
And real life hits him like a hard punch on a sandbag when the power once wielded by him and/or the source thereof gets depleted..

So ultimately it seems a down to earth attitude is a sin qua non for the boss (whether he is mostly right or wrong) if he is to survive..

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