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Saturday, June 06, 2015

death is just a change of state..

Actually there is no end to anyone or anything ..

Death is just a change of state, at the most..

Just like birth, it is an enigma..

The person who is born as a son or daughter, was there with the father and mother for eternity.. in parents, grand parents.. and going back to the first living cell created by God..
But the parents and others get elated at the new arrival..
Celebration is okay but it is only symbolic..

while leaving the body, the person just distributes himself and continues in all those who are dear to him.. as sweet memories..
There is no end..

And it is just that he departs to another world.. and we many not be able to contact him--
for there are no cellphones, telegrams or post offices. connecting us there.

But then, he will be there, patiently waiting for others to join them.
Death is not real..

So the grief is also just symbolic.. 

For someone asking for the evidence for the above statement:---

 Regarding birth, no explanation is necessary.. 

You will know about death.. if you have really faced the departure of someone who meant everything to you and for whom you meant everything.. in such cases, you cannot just live in this world if you do not have the expectation that the separation is not final...
You think and decide.. 
Nothing wrong in accepting what is believed by elders as true.. and there is  nothing  wrong in disagreeing too.. 

Belief by instinct is far better than belief by adherence to Shruti..
Anyway, shrutis believe that the son is just a rebirth of his father... 
आत्मा वै पुत्र नामासि.. 
if that is so , the parent does not die if he leaves behind an offspring.. and life continues through shared DNAs.. 

But all this is attempted reasoning.. 
Instinct says life is just a continuum.. 
Again Gita says so in so many places.. 
na jaayate mriyate vaa kadaachit, .. 
vaasaamsi jeernaani...
 dehee nityam avadhyaH ayam.. etc.. 

 But I stated what is above from the emotional standpoint..
 and without emotions,, 
I mean the sublime emotions.. 
our existence is of little worth.. 
I am not prepared to seek evidence for this, 
I do not feel any evidence is necessary for this belief..

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