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Saturday, June 13, 2015

work hard and with humility..

यथा खनन् खनित्रेण नरो वार्यधिगच्छति।
तथा गुरुगतां विद्यां शुश्रूषुरधिगच्छति॥
yathā khanan khanitreṇa naro vāryadhigacchati|
tathā gurugatāṁ vidyāṁ śuśrūṣuradhigacchati||
യഥാ ഖനന്‍ ഖനിത്രേണ നാരോ വാര്യധിഗച്ഛതി
തഥാ ഗുരുഗതാം വിദ്യാം ശുശ്രൂഷുരധിഗച്ഛതി
( a subhaashitam)

A man finds water in a well by digging the earth using a spade with persistence, a disciple digs out the knowledge inherent in his teacher by unfailing and solicitous service to the Guru..

Groundwater is present almost everywhere on the surface of the earth ..But one can obtain water for use only if he digs a well.. Similarly, one may have a guru or preceptor who may be a veritable reservoir of knowledge.. but it is the duty of the disciple to gain as much knowledge as possible from the teacher, by persuading him to impart such knowledge through persistent service and unfailing faithfulness to the guru..

That is the Indian tradition.. Now we talk of right to education,, and of taking teachers to task for the unruly behaviour and lack of inclination on the part of the children.. What a U turn...

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