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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

our National Anthem

the song Jana Gana Mana adhinaayaka... our National Anthem-- simply stirs our very existence with love, respect and sense of commitment for our India..

and every time we listen to our National Anthem many sweet emotions simply erupt inside.. which are incapable of being expressed in words 

More than the words and music which are indeed sublime, the very thought that it is in praise of our India.. and that it is a unique honour for every Indian to stand up and sing.. fills us with pride..

And the National Anthem sung and videoed in the backdrop of the supreme sacrifice of our security and military personnel on the black day of Bombay incident of 26/11 makes it all the more sacred..

Sacredness made poignant by the sacrifice of those martyrs

Who will not stand up and sing.?. and who will not shed a few drops of tears to respect and honour those martyrs..?

If someone refused to stand up and listen,.. I can only ask.. How is it possible?

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