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Monday, November 23, 2015

idiots are invincible.

idiots are invincible.


शक्यो वारयितुं जलेन हुतभुक् छत्रेण सूर्यातपो
नागेन्द्रो निशिताङ्कुशेन समदो दण्डेन गोगर्दभौ।
व्याधिर्भैषजसङ्ग्रहैश्च विविधैः मन्त्रप्रयोगैर्व्विषम्।
सर्वस्यौषधमस्ति शास्त्रविहितं मूर्खस्य नास्त्यौषधी॥
भर्तृहरेः नीतिशतके ११

śakyo vārayituṁ jalena hutabhuk chatreṇa sūryāatapo

nāgendro niśitāṅkuśena samado daṇḍena gogardabhau|
vyādhirbhaiṣajasaṅgrahaiśca vividhaiḥ mantraprayogairvviṣam|
sarvasyauṣadhamasti śāstravihitaṁ mūrkhasya nāstyauśadhī||
bhartṛhareḥ nītiśatake 11

हुतभुक् जलेन वारयितुं शक्यः( भवति) Fire can be extinguished with water.

सूर्यातपो छत्रेण वारयितुं शक्यः( भवति) Intense sunlight can be avoided by using umbrella

समदो नागेन्द्रो निशिताङ्कुशेन वारयितुं शक्यः( भवति) An elephant in rut can be controlled applying sharp goad with sharp hook

गोगर्दभौ दण्डेन वारयितुं शक्यौ( भवतः) 
The bull or the donkey can be kept in place by thorough beating with a stick

व्याधिःच र्भैषजसङ्ग्रहै वारयितुं शक्यः( भवति) Disease also can be treated with the right combination of medicines.

विषं विविधैः मन्त्रप्रयोगैःवारयितुं शक्यं ( भवति) Poison ( by snakebite) can be nullified by various chants and spells

(अस्मिन् लोके) सर्वस्य औषधं अस्ति In this world, there is some medicine or some solutions for any problem or illnes

परन्तु मूर्खस्य औषधी नास्ति. But there is no medicine available to cure the foolishness of an idiot..

This is from the great philosopher poet Bhrtruhari..

There are some medicines cures or solutions for almost all the problems in this world.. 
Fire can be doused with water.. 
Umbrella gives shelter from midday sun. 
Even the ultimately roguish elephant can be forced to obey if a sharp goad is applied in its appropriate place.. 
Cattle and Donkeys can be brought into utter obedience just by applying the stick. 
Doctors have combination of medicines for all ailment.

Even the venom from a snakebite could be neutralized through spells and chants ( of course now we have antivenins)

But if a fellow is idiot by nature or has chosen to be an idiot nothing can cure him

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