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Saturday, January 30, 2010

hara haro hara

pazhani aanadvanukku hara haro hara

today is thaipoosam. it is a special function for palkkad iyers, at least ten percent of the Palakkad iyer population in palakkad and a substantial number of PIs from elsewhere would converge at Palani to have a glimpse of Sri Dandayuthapani Swami. It will be a Kavadi galore at Palani. Lakhs of them. The simple child at Palni stands dispensing all happiness and prosperity to all who call Him from any where. Let us do our pranams to Him.
कल्पद्रुमं प्रणमतां कमलारुणाभम्
स्कन्दं भुजद्वयमनामयमेकवक्त्त्रम्
कार्ल्यायनीप्रियसुतं कटिबद्धवामम्
कौपीनदण्डधरदक्षिण हस्तमीडे।।

I bow with humility before that Divine Tree which yields all the desires of the ardent devotees (kalpaka vriksha found in Heaven),  which is called Skanda having  the colour of the attractive reddish  lotus, the child having two arms ...the right one wielding a staff and the left placed firmly  on His hips,  the darling boy of the Divine mother Kaathyaayanee,  the divine being without any sorrows and always removing the sorrows of all who are beholden to Him,  the recluse master-child who has just his loin-clothes by way of cloth

hara haro hara

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