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Saturday, December 17, 2011

jagatah pitarau vande

The famous argument that parvatii paramaewarau mentioned in the first stanza of Raghuvamsam of Kalidasa is not merely  siva and parvathi  but it is worshiping the two deities or couples  paarvatiipa rameshwarau पार्वतीप रमेश्वरौ. If this is so the poet is stating that the parents of the world are  the lord of Parvathi, Shiva, and Rameswara the vishnu.. which will in turn lead to the Sankaranaryana tattwa, the mohini episode in purnaas and upto even Saasta.. historically these ideas were not alien in Ujjain of Kalidasaa's time. Basically the idea whether word and its meaning would match only if they are attached through a female- male combination is only speculative. The union between the male and the female is the most perfect one is a reality. We can find that phenomenon in the birth of any living thing.. cloning does not create a new living being but is only a splitting of cells to make replicas. It is poetic, and even social custom to attribute things soft to the female and the tougher things to male. Life, literature on any facet of life becomes well-rounded and proportioned if the content has the right quantity of softness and toughness. The combination of prakriti and purusha, shiva and shakthi.. all these concepts reinforce this. And the greatest attraction in beings is between the negative and the positive (negative and positive are very relative physics negative charge means excess of electrons.. it is queer to call some state of abundance as negative), but any man if he is to inhabit meaningfully in a set environs, needs the company of a woman and vice versa. If word is the female and the meaning the man, then their compatibility would be greatest if we consider their gender affinity. Would it mean that the female is only the word and the meaning lies in the man? I dont want to create a domestic schism anyway. The word and meaning are inseparable held together.. like parvati- shiva, lakshminaryanana or Shankaranarayana..that is the greatness of the poet. And the second is the longevity of the affinity between the vaak and artha.. the best way is for them to be a male and female to be very close. in nature man and man may be close for a very short time, so also female and female, but when the union is between man and woman, the bond is very deep.. and they will manage to be close most of the time albeit some occasional quarrel and fist-fight.. Such quarrels we see in bad literature of all sorts. Even in music we can reach the rhythm only with talam and ragam and layam.. The talam is maintained by the tough instruments usually of the percussion type.

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