pachai maamalai pol mene

Sunday, December 25, 2011

kalau samkeerthya keshavam

तपः परं कृतयुगे त्रेतायां ज्ञानमुच्यते

द्वापरे यज्ञमेवाहु दानमेव कलौ युगे॥

यत्कृते दशभिर्वर्षैः त्रेतायां हायनेनतु

द्वापरे तच्चमासेन ह्यहोरात्रेण तत् कलौ॥

ध्यायन् कृते यजन् यज्ञैः त्रेतायां द्वापरेऽर्चयन्।

यदाप्नोति तदाप्नोति कलौ सङ्कीर्त्य केशवम्॥

tapaḥ paraṁ kṛtayuge tretāyāṁ jñānamucyate

dvāpare yajñamevāhu dānameva kalau yuge||

yatkṛte daśabhirvarṣaiḥ tretāyāṁ hāyanenatu

dvāpare taccmāsena hyahorātreṇ tat kalau||

dhyāyan kṛte yajan yajñaiḥ tretāyāṁ dvāpare arcayan 

yadāpnoti yadāpnoti tadāpnoti kalau saṅkīrtya keśavaṁ

The best way of reaching higher aims in life in the Krita yuga (Satya yuga) was to do hard penance. In the Threta Yuga one had to achieve emancipation through concerted acquisition of Knowledge. In the dwapara yuga, the same results were obtained by doing yagas and yajnaas. But in Kali Yuga one can attain great merit just by engaging oneself in philanthropic acts like making gifts and helping the needy and hapless.

What one gained by doing good things in tens of years in Kritayauga, what he did in one six month period in threta yuga and what one did during a month will have identical effect as to one does in a day and night in Kaliyuga. ( A note of caution.. this should apply to good acts as well as bad)

Another advice on yuga dharmas... what one gets by contemplation on the supreme in Krita Yuga, what one gets by elaborate rituals and sacrifices in threta yuga, by engaging in long poojas and archanas in Dwapara Yuga, one can attain in Kaliyuga by the chanting of the holy name of the Lord Kesava in Kaliyuga... Namasankeertanam is the path of Kaliyuga for elevation to heaven.

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