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Saturday, March 02, 2013

is there really any difference?

महेश्वरे वा जगतामधीश्वरे
जनार्दने वा जगतन्तरात्मनि।
न वस्तुभेध प्रतिपत्तिरस्ति मे
तथाऽपि भक्तिस्तरुणेन्दुशेखरे॥

maheśvare vā jagatāmadhīśvare
janārdane vā jagatantarātmani|
na vastubhedha pratipattirasti me
tathā'pi bhaktistaruṇenduśekhare||

This is a quote from the renowned scholar and devotee of Lord Shiva..
Srimad Appayya Deekshitar.

"In reality I see no difference between Lord Shiva the Maheswara who is the suzerain of the whole universe, and Lord Vishnu the Janaardhana  who remains inherent in the whole Universe. 

 Nor do I entertain any particular preference to either.. However my devotion is to the one who is adorning the fresh young moon in His matted hair.."

It is a fact that there are two distinct sects in our religion, the staunch followers of Lord Shiva and the votaries of Lord Vishnu..

Though for most Hindus, both represent the Godhead and are revered with equal devotion, at least a few take some extreme views.. 

Deekshitar's above statement, especially coming in an era where the schism between VeeraSaivas and Veera Vasihanavas was very pronounced, should have been an eye-opener..

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