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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Such positive things also happen occasionally.

जानीयात् प्रेषणे भृत्यान् बान्धवान् व्यसनाऽगमे।

मित्रं चाऽपत्तिकालेषु भार्याम् च विभवक्षये॥

jānīyāt preṣaṇe bhṛtyān bāndhavān vyasanā'game|
mitraṁ cha'apattikāleṣu bhāryām ca vibhavakṣaye||

one will realize the quality of an assistant or servant when such assistant is sent on an errand
one will know how good his relatives are only when he lands up in real difficulties
the quality of a friend will reveal itself when one is in real danger
the true colours of the wife will be seen when one's wealth and resources are in the wane..
So says Chanakya..

The good employee will excel in his mission, good relatives and friends will stand by us when our chips are down and the wife is expected to be supportive even when one's fortune is on the decline..
Such positive things also happen occasionally.

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