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Thursday, October 17, 2013

the danger that befell the dancer

A  crow was flying around collecting crumbs of food for the  day.. It so happened that he came across a group of peacocks near a green bush..
 The weather was fine and there were some clouds gathering afar. The peacocks were very happy.. and they spread their colourful feathers and started to dance. 
It is not known whether it was jealousy or feeling of inferiority that caught up with  the crow..
 He said to himself.  “ How beautiful those peacocks are..What a dress  and dance!   Let me also take my chance at such fun and frolicking”..
So when the royal birds left the scene, the crow could see that some worn feathers of the attractive birds were lying where they had been dancing.  He picked up these colourful pieces carefully and tucked them among his own dark ugly feathers.. He thought to himself that with these new pieces in place, he had become very beautiful and that  he was now ready for  a ballet.
 First, he made his own funny noises for music and danced alone to gain confidence.. Then he chased around the group of peacocks who  had found another locale for their dance. 
 He tried to join the troupe and  was trying to sway and swirl along with those beautiful birds..  First he was ignored as an insignificant interference.. But as the crow persisted with his stellar performance, he was noticed and  the bigger birds lost no time in just driving away the intruder with stern warnings.
.Justifiably they felt that the ugly crow was bringing disrepute to them by donning their feathers and imitating their steps so clumsily.
The crow was not a fellow who was ready to give up.. He thought..
 “ Maybe, I am  not rehearsed properly to join the troupe of peacocks.  But my colourful new  feathers and the experience I have gained in the company of the peacocks,  my talents  as a beautiful bird who can also dance should bring pride to my kinsmen, the crows. 
So he came back to his group..with new feathers and all.. He lost no time in flaunting his histrionic talents.  He started crowing and dancing.. Other crows saw him.. “ What happened to this fellow?   New feathers and dance?  Has he gone mad?”
First they laughed and teased.. But when the nuisance persisted  crow  the dancer was driven out of his own family group.

(This is an adaptation of  an Aesop’s story)

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