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Saturday, October 19, 2013

I would have nothing to do with a mother-beater..a funny story

I would have nothing to do with a mother-beater

Indeed the farmer was very fond of his donkey.. It was just as good as a member of his family. But he needed some cash, and so he decided to sell the four-legged friend in the market.. He tied the donkey with a strong but soft rope, and the knot at the neck was not too night for he did not want to hurt his friend..

The farmer held the other end of the rope and walked towards the market. On the way he chatted with many friends. The donkey was following his master with silent sense of duty..

At marketplace, a thief was watching..
” I want that donkey for myself” He thought.

He approached the farmer and his donkey from behind. The farmer was in animated discussion with his friends who had all assembled in the market. Quietly, the thief released the donkey from the knot at the farther end of the rope held by the farmer.. 
The donkey was led away stealthily and kept hidden..And the donkey was very wise and did not make any fuss. Wise people follow the dictum, “Silence is Golden”

The thief just tied the knotted end of the rope which formerly held the donkey loosely around his own neck and just stood on hands and legs behind the farmer..without making any noise.
The farmer never looked behind him. He has absolute faith in his own wisdom and that of his donkey. He was extolling the virtues of the donkey and trying to negotiate a sale..

Someone asked, “ What are to trying to sell? “ .

“ Of course, my lovely donkey is there for sale”, declared the farmer.

Then he looked back.. He saw a creature with a cap and goatee beard crouched at the other end of the rope .. in all silence and humility, the rope tied around its neck..

The farmer realized that it was a man, and he was puzzled.

He asked.”Who are you?, Where is my donkey?

The man replied in a soft voice.. “My beloved master, can’t you see me? I am your faithful donkey. In fact I was a cruel son to a very adorable mother.. I used to beat her every day..She put up with me for a long time.. But when she could not bear my thrashes any more, she cursed me and I became a donkey. I wandered around and finally joined your staff.”

“Then how come you are in human form now?’ Asked the farmer

The thief replied.” Master, your enlightened company, and the dedicated service under you was a great experience in expiation. A few minutes ago, while you were talking to your friends and I was standing at the other end of the rope, I was finally released of my curse, and I have regained my original form. I am at your service now.”

The farmer could understand it. But he did not have any use for a man.. A donkey could have been useful in his home and it would have had some value in the market also. But a fellow who has just come back from the life of a donkey was of no use. Moreover, the fellow said he used to beat his mother. The farmer was angry with him for that..

So the farmer parted company with the thief and returned home with a long rope and an empty pocket.

The clever thief sold the farmer’s donkey in the market, pocketed the cash and performed the vanishing trick.

The story of the farmer and his old friend the donkey is not yet finished.

A few weeks later, the farmer visited the market . He saw the donkey arrayed for sale.

The experience of the donkey in the post-sale saga was not at all happy. Quite unlike the foolish but affectionate farmer who was his former master, his present owner was very rude and found happiness in giving thorough beatings to the donkey at regular intervals.

The donkey, when it saw his former master, tried to attract his attention by braying and trying to run towards him . Tears were rolling down the eyes of the donkey.

The farmer noticed it.. He remarked. “ You wretched fellow, so you started beating up your mother again.. and got back into this form. ? I would have nothing to do with a mother-beater. I do not want to see you again..”

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