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Friday, October 18, 2013

Who is more powerful, your Majesty?

Who is more powerful, your Majesty?

The Royal court of Krishnadevaraya was in full session..

As is usual in the world of timeservers, each courtier was exceeding his own best levels of sycophancy to heap praises on the supreme authority of the monarch.

The king was elated.. Finally, he declared,
“ Can anyone around here be more powerful than me?”.
“Your majesty, you are the supreme” piped in all the courtiers.

But the chorus was not unanimous.
The king looked around.

He noticed one shaven and tufted head not nodding in agreement..
The owner of the head was Tenali Ramakrishna.

The king was much irritated. “ Rama, don’t you agree?” hissed the monarch.
“ My, lord and Master, I am trying to persuade myself to agree with that statement heartily , but still there is some small doubt”

“ If you can find anyone more powerful then me who could openly challenge my authority, show him to me.. exhorted the great Raya.

“Give me a couple of days, sire’ Came the reply from Ramakrishna.

Two days later, Ramakrishna entered the Royal Court in full session, carrying with him cute little boy of six months.

The child was so beautiful, so bubbly, ever giggling and making inarticulate sweet noises.

All the courtiers, including the King could not help watching the baby and its pranks.

The Queen, who was present witnessing the proceedings could not help getting attracted to the infant. She came forward and took the child in her lap..

The infant, in its innocence, played with the Royal Lady and even dirtied her silk dress.. The motherly instinct of the queen came to the fore and she was cleaning the baby, instead of caring for the stately clothes she was wearing.
 The king also saw the child and was attracted by its utter innocence.

He did not hesitate to take the child in his hands and even kissed it.. In that process the Royal countenance was smeared with the saliva of the infant...

The baby was not afraid of the Royal appearance or the thick moustache of the monarch.. and even the swords and spears carried by the bodyguards around had no impact on the child..

Laughing gleefully, the child pulled at the long moustache of the king.. and strangely, the monarch was roaring with laughter and encouraging the boy.

Now, it was Ramakrishna’s turn to mumble. 
” Who is more powerful, your Majesty?”

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