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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

contradictions galore...

I cannot help contradicting myself often because I am just a human being..

It should be the same with others too..

But many consider that they should dish out platitudes and appear to be rational and intellectually correct.. 
That is only one stage in life.. 
The spiritual, and philosophical being inside us will tell us many things and ask us to behave is a prescribed manner.. 
Of course, that facet should be the core ideal inside us.(imho)..

But the intellectual, and the child are also working with us.

The child might make us frivolous and even silly.. 
The intellectual will force us to play roles and prod us to put on a face which would be appealing to the audience.. 
The interaction, the camaraderie and conflicts among these three is an ongoing process which no one can escape.. 
We can see this idea germane in Indian thoughts as also in western philosophy...
Actually the Parent Adult Child model and the transactional analysis, are products of this line of thinking..

But I am just trying to articulate the idea in my own layman's naive fashion.

One advantage for me appears to be that I have read and tried to assimilate many ideas over the years, but I am not indoctrinated.. 
Do not Judge others.. said jesus, but Jesus was Divine.. 
Krishna the blessed lord can tell so many things in Gita and elsewhere..
But the gap between the Divine and the mundane is too wide..

I think it will be okay for us if we can remain just ordinary human and not devilish most of the time.. Maybe we can have rare flashes of divinity too..

But I have to confess, sometimes, I get baffled by my own contradiction..

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