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Thursday, November 12, 2015

No one is really satisfied with anything..

No one is really satisfied with anything..

In the preface to Valmikiramayanam, we read a slokam

यः पिबन् सततं राम चरितामृतसागरम्।
अतृप्तस्तं मुनिं वन्दे प्राचेतसमकल्मषम्॥
yaḥ piban satataṁ rāma caritāmṛtasāgaram|
atṛptastaṁ muniṁ vande prācetasamakalmaṣam||
it is a eulogy to Valmiki..

Meaning...." He drank the nectar of the whole ocean of ambrosia that is the history of Rama.. still he was unsatisfied and wanted to have more.. we pay respect that Sage Praachetasa.. son of Prachetas,Valmiki.."

The difference between great and not so great appear to be that they choose the subjects about which they should never be satisfied..

Those who pursue wealth and pelf, continue pursuing them and never getting satisfied and always frustrated..

Those who pursue the great and sublime too continue their pursuit without complete satisfaction, but without any reason to get frustrated..

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