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Sunday, April 08, 2018

The mangalya sutra

The mangalya sutra.. a cotton thread, smeared with turmeric is supposed to carry the thali.. or the divine insignia which a groom ties to the bride and the bride as wife is expected to wear it as long as the husband lives.. 

I read somewhere a remark that manjal kayiru (the cotton thread smeared with turmeric) is a thing of the past and the ladies now wear only golden chains carrying the thaali.. 

But this is not correct.. according to the traditions.. 

My views. 
manjal kayiru should not be removed.. 
if anyone claims she is sumangali . 

The mangalyam is tied to a thanthu.. 
a cotton thread and not gold chain.. 
and this tantu is the jeevana hetu of the one who ties the thread.. 

jeevana hethu means the cause of longevity of the husband and that depends on this thread and mangalyam... 

it is at least believed so... 
as per the following manthram 

maangalyam tantunaa anena mama jeevana hetunaa.. 
kanTe badnaami subhage saneeva (or twam jeeva) sharatam shatam.. 
माङ्गल्यम् तन्तुनानेन मम जीवन हेतुना 
कण्ठे बध्नामि सुभगे त्वम् जीव शरदः शतम् 
māṅgalyam tantunānena mama jīvana hetunā 
kaṇṭhe badhnāmi subhage tvam jīva śaradaḥ śatam 

Oh fortunate lady, I am tying this Manglyam made of thread around your neck , This thread represents or is the cause of my longevity.. 
May you live happily for hundred autumns.. 

The thread is smeared with turmeric or manjal because manjal represents Mahalakshmi herself. 
A thali chain cannot replace a manjal kayiru as per our religion and traditions .. 

If someone is claiming that it does not matter even if mangalyam is not worn.. the possibilities can be many and I have nothing to say.. 

I am just viewing the issue from the angle of traditions and our faith. 



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