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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

the sins get cleared thus..

विद्यातीर्थे विमलमतयः साधवः सत्यतीर्थे
गङ्गातीर्थे मलिनमनसो दानतीर्थे धनाढ्याः।
लज्जातीर्थे कुलयुवतयो योगिनो ज्ञानतीर्थे
धारातीर्थे धरणिपतयः कल्मषम् क्षालयन्ति॥
vidyātīrthe vimalamatayaḥ sādhavaḥ satyatīrthe
gaṅgātīrthe malinamanaso dānatīrthe dhanāḍhyāḥ|
lajjātīrthe kulayuvatayo yogino jñānatīrthe
dhārātīrthe dharaṇipatayaḥ kalmaṣam kṣālayanti|

Great souls and good persons avoid committing sins.. But the existence in the world is so complicated that they may not be able to steer clear of many errors happening beyond their control.
The sloka quoted above from a text Prasangaaharana talks about how people wash away thier sins..
Normally the sins are cleared off when peopl visit holy places or teerthas.
The people of clean and blemishless thoughts was away their sins in the holy waters of knowledge
The people of lofty character with little attachment to worldy matters could wash away any possible sins in the holy waters of truth.
The people whose minds have been contaminated by evil thoughts might wash away their sins by visiting the holy river Ganga and taking dip there/
The rich people, who have incurred sins whle earning the welath could was off their sins in the holy waters of sacred and well deserved gifts.
The ladies born in high families could was off their sins in the holy waters of bashfulness tinted with repentence..
The realized souls that are the yogins could wash off their sins in the holy waters of the Supreme Realizaton
And the brave rulers of the earth would wash off their sins in the holy waters that are the battlefields.

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