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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Prayer to Agni for removal of Sins...

Prayer to Agni for removal of Sins...

अग्नेर्मन्वे प्रथमस्य प्रचेतसः यं पाञ्चजन्यम् बहवस्समिन्धते।
विश्वस्यां दिवि विविशिवांसमीमहे स नो मुन्चत्वग्ंहसः॥
तैत्तिरीयप्रपाठके ॥ अपि च अथर्ववेदे
agnermanve prathamasya pracetasaḥ yaṁ pāñcajanyam bahavassamindhate|
viśvasyāṁ divi viviśivāṁsamīmahe sa no muncatvagṁhasaḥ||
taittirīyaprapāṭaka|| api ca atharvavede

Oh Agni, who is kindled to supreme vigour( by offerings of twigs and ghee etc,)
you the great one of Supreme vitality,
you, whom we praise as Paanchajanya,
Oh Agni who is spread all over this universe,
we make this prayer to you. with humble prostrations
May you be pleased to annihilate our sins and relieve us of all that is not good..

We see the word Panchajanya in this mantram.. and the holy Conch which we use in pooja comes to our mind.. So we chant this mantram when offering pooja to the Shankham.. relating the word Panchajanya to the Shankham.. as Lord Narayana holds in his hand a conch by name Panchajanya..

Panchajanya is the shell of a demon by that name whom Krishna defeated in the famous Santhanagopalam episode..

In Bagavat Gita first chapter we find Krishna blowing the conch Panchajanyam..
Paanchajanyam Hrisheekesho....

But the real mening of Panchajanya is Agni or the Lord of Fire.

He is called Panchajanya because he manifest in five forms.. In devayajna, pitru yajna, bhutayajna, manushyayajna and brahmayajna..
He is manifest in Panchabhoothas, Panchavarnas and so on..

This is a mantram in daily use..
Found in Krishna Yajurveda Taittireeya school.. and also in Atharvaveda in a slightly altered form..

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