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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

give voluntarily or get robbed.

सञ्चितम् क्रतुषु नोपयुन्च्यते
याचितम् गुणवते न दीयते
तद् कदर्य्यपरिगतं धनं
चोरपार्थिवगृहेषु भुञ्ज्यते॥३२
चाणक्यराजनीतिशास्त्रे अध्यायः १

sañcitam kratuṣu nopayuncyate

yācitam guṇavate na dīyate
tad kadarthaparigataṁ dhanaṁ
corapārthivagṛheṣu bhuñjyate||32
cāṇakyarājanītiśāstre adhyāyaḥ 1

People amass wealth with eagerness and great enthusiasm.. 
But they fail to utilize and spend  such wealth for right causes. 
What happens to such wealth.?
 Chanakya says.
" The accumulated wealth of a stingy person is not usually applied for socially useful purposes. 

 Nor any part of it is given to good  people who ask for it or even beg for it.  
Such wealth accumulated for some selfish and ignoble purpose ultimately converts itself into sumptuous food in the household of a thief of a king"

Our management experts  and the leadership pundits are very keen to groom people to attain the peak capacity to earn and accumulate money. 
The economist or investment expert will give us sound advise as to how multiply such money earned in the shortest possible time.  
But the majority of the people with huge wealth are not inclined to share even a part of it with the people who are less fortunate.  
Nor are they prepared to recycle the funds for some socially useful purpose without profit motive. 
They are possessive, rather stingy, about money...
Ultimately, they fall to swindlers who play upon their ego or they shell out most of the earning by way of Government Levies.. 
Alternately their money can be stolen by thieves, either burglars or suave e-hackers. 

Is it not better that some good souls enjoy the benefits of your earning while you watch and you have the satisfaction that you gave it to them voluntarily.  
The other choice is that your wealth is stolen away by burglars or inflation, or is simply taken away by the Government by way of taxes while you live or when you are dead.


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  1. Chanakya's words and your scholarly intrepretation are perfectly matching the confused perception of savings of the ignorant.