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Monday, April 16, 2012

roadblocks to a peaceful life

मत्तापानं कलहं पूगवैरं भार्यापत्योरन्तरम् ज्ञातिभेदं।
राजद्विष्टं स्त्रीपुमांसोर्विवादं वर्जान्याहुर्यश्च पन्थाः प्रदुष्टः॥३६
श्रीमहाभरते उद्योगपर्वणि प्रजागरणपर्वनि विदुरवाक्ये अध्यायः ३४
mattāpānaṁ kalahaṁ pūgavairaṁ bhāryāpatyorantaram jñātibhedaṁ|
rājadviṣṭaṁ strīpumāṁsorvivādaṁ varjānyāhuryaśca panthāḥ praduṣṭaḥ||36
śrīmahābharate udyogaparvaṇi prajāgaraṇaparvani viduravākye adhyāyaḥ 34

The most contemptible way of life that should be avoided at any cost  is prescribed by Vidura in his expostulation of the right way of life to his brother Dhritaraashtra.

"  Drinking of alcoholic or other intoxicating potions is reprehensible.
  Unnecessary quarrel in the family and social groups should be avoided. 
Inviting the anger  of people all around with silly quarrels  in not a good sign of a tolerable social life.
 Persistent difference of opinion between husband and wife, and attempt for divorce are not conducive for a peaceful life.
  Incurring the  displeasure of the king and the government by being on the wrong side of the law, or by protesting  just for protest's sake can help to endanger one's life in peace. 
 The constant exchange of bad words between  men and women is another irritant to peacefu life. 
 If these are not avoided one's path of life is derailed, and he will soon face the evil effects."

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