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Monday, April 23, 2012

He requires no particular reason to harass the people working for him.

स्फुलिङ्गालिङ्गनात् क्रुद्दकृष्णसर्पोपसर्पणात्।
मकरालयपाताच्च कष्टं नृपतिसेवनं॥५८
चानक्यराजनीत्याम् अध्यायः १
sphuliṅgāliṅganāt kruddakṛṣṇasarpopasarpaṇāt|
makarālayapātācca kaṣṭaṁ nṛpatisevanaṁ||58
cānakyarājanītyām adhyāyaḥ 1

This is the advise that Chanakya gives to the persons aspiring to serve under a king or a boss who is a tough taskmaster.
" It is a tougher task to be in the service of a king, than embracing the burning fire, keeping company with a black venomous serpent who is usually angry or having a chance to fall into a pond inhabited by crocodiles."

Once we enter into the service of a king or a government, all our sense of personal security and sense of well being is gone. We can fall victims to the whims and fancies of the ruler who wields extreme powers, and the triggers for such downfall in most cases would be beyond our control.  The fire does not burn us just because we want it or we have committed some error. The serpent is not going to verify whether we are good or bad before injecting its venom on us.  Similarly when one falls into a pond full of crocodiles the creatures are not interested in verifying the victim's good conduct ad antecedents before making a supper of him.. Similar is the case with a bad boss..He requires no particular reason to harass the people working for him.


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