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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One wants to enjoy but his heart is broken when he has to pay.

दातव्यमपि बालिशः क्ळेशेन परिदास्यति॥२१३
चाणक्य सूत्राद्
dātavyamapi bāliśaḥ kḻeśena paridāsyati||213
cāṇakya sūtrād

A terse aphorism from the brilliant mind of Chandakya.
Chanakya was an acute critic of the frailties of human mind  

Meaning of the aphorisms is
'  Even when he is aware that he has to pay or give away money,

 a man of childish mind would part with such money 
only with great reluctance and heartburn.'

In a civilized society, it is the duty of every citizen to share with others whatever he can for the welfare of the group as a whole.  
We can see some people going round for collections for organizing social and religious festivals or to further some philanthropic act 
but when some people are approached,  
they would avoid giving anything citing from some excuse or others. 
 Even when they shell out some cash, they will do so grudgingly..
This is one side of the story.

There are many payments for purchases, and utilization of many services. 
 The dues for telephone, electricity etc.. Some people will never pay off. 
They will defer payments by raising many objections most of which are frivolous.  

 When it comes for masters to give rightful salary or a raise in salary to their employees, they turn into stingy devils. 

 And in some organizations, we find some  Scrooges in the shape of the occupants of  the accounts section.  
The money due to the employees would have been sanctioned and the function of these accounts men is just to draw a cheque or a bill and disburse it. 
 For this they will make a lots of fuss and invite the curse of all the employees..  

This is here that aggressive trade unionism starts

People even grudge sending money to their parents for their subsistence ,

 knowing fully well that they are committing unpardonable sin. 

 When it comes to taxes, usually money will not be forthcoming unless threat of freezing a person's
accounts is handed out. 

People  just want to enjoy but their hearts are  broken when they  have to pay.

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