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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy father's day

आत्मा वै पुत्रनामासि स जीव शरदः शतम्।
उपजिघ्रन्ति पितरो मन्त्रेणानेन मूर्धनि।।
aatmaa vai putranaamaasi twam jiiva sardaH satam,
upajigranti pitaro mantrenaanena moordhani,,
(the first line is found in all vedas and many upanishads and puranas.. so to pinpoint any reference is superfluous)

My son, you are my own soul and life born as my child. may you live for hundred years, with this mantra a father breathes on or kisses the top of the head of the newborn child as a token of supreme love.. This is a Vedic rite.
From this moment a father becomes a different man, with every child born to him he simply multiplies himself, his own dreams, possessions, and he is prepared to do any sacrifice for the child, he keeps the interest of the child far ahead of his own interests..There can be no exception.. Every father is like this.. My father has left me quarter of a century ago.. I do not know what my son feels about me..I am proud of my father..And I am proud of my son. And I am proud as a son and also as a father  
Happy father's day

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