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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the string designed by fate

सुखस्य दुखस्य न कोपि दाता परो दधातीति कुबुद्धिरेषा

अहं करोमीति वृथाभिमानः स्वकर्मसूत्रग्रथितो हि लोकःi
(valmiki ramayanam)

sukhasya dukhasya na kopi dātā paro dadhātīti kubuddhireṣā

ahaṁ karomīti vṛthābhimānaḥ svakarmasūtragrathito hi lokaḥ|

Pleasure and pain are not to given to us by someone else.

It is the crooked mind that says that pain or 

pleasure are provided to us by others. 

It is equally vainglorious to claim that I am the doer of anything 

The life in the world is just bound and arranged by the karmas one has practiced and is practicing. 

This sloka is attributed to Lord Rama Himself in Ramayanam.. 

We cannot find a more decent person who lived the most ideal life. 
But all misfortunes visited Him.,Loss of kingdom which was his rightful due, 
wandering in the forest, loss of his beloved Sitha and again after regaining sita,
when he was about to settle down in life, social compulsion to abandon Sita for ever..
 what sort of misfortune did  ever spare this gem of men? 

Definitely we are not facing even a minuscule part of such sufferings.
So it is better for us to float and flow with the current, that is all.. 

Let us spend our lives as destined by Gods..

व्यशेम देवहितम् यदायुः


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